My father is the person responsible for ensuring that there is always a place in my heart for the video game genre through two specific actions: buying Tekken 2 for the original PlayStation at the time and leaving me some pieces when we went to the same restaurant to eat on Saturday where there was an arcade with Street Fighter II. At that time in my life, an important seed was planted in my life, although it is also true that I haven’t watered it as I should since then.

My experience with the fighting game genre is marked by setbacks, skipped picks of specific games, inconsistent jumps between sagas, and ultimately shapeless chaos that led me to not fully appreciate this type of work. But every once in a while, one looms on the horizon that brings me back to a set of games I love so much. And, precisely, the one I can see when I blink so as not to blind myself with the sun and succumb to myopia. is none other than Street Fighter 6.

The fact is that PLAION was kind enough to to invite me to their offices to test the game for almost 3 hours; find a part of me that had been hidden longer than I care to admit. I spent half of that time getting to grips with the game controls and the other half trying out the new World Tour mode, and I can tell you that Street Fighter 6 It blew me away for several different reasons.

Street Fighter 6 is the most accessible episode in the history of the saga

This point is a luxury for me to say that in these impressions you can see what the experience it offers is like Street Fighter 6 through the eyes of someone who approached the saga for the first time from the arcadeso it’s important that I mention something that freaked me out as soon as I started testing the game: the new modern controls mode.

The thing is Street Fighter 6 has two different control systems so you can choose the one that best suits your style based on the experience you have with the saga. In this sense, here is what each of them offers:

  • The classic control system: Offers the traditional franchise button mapping. Symbols are translated into typical weak hits and strong hits and combos to do special attacks will have you twisting your finger with the joystick to throw a hadouken
  • The modern control system: in the list of combos, it tells you which button on the controller you should press exactly and these are much more simplified. You can automatically launch combos and special attacks by pressing a few commands

Believe me, I tried to play throughout the test with the classic control system, but when I changed to the modern system, I started to enjoy the game much more. The good thing is that in trying both, I was aware that the first one had a lot more possibilities to play well when you already have a little practicebut the second is ideal for beginners and familiarizing themselves with the basic mechanics of the saga.

Capcom has heard that Street Fighter 6 is coming out of its ears

As I told you before, during the test I was able to taste several different contents of Street Fighter 6 and, since these are first impressions of the game and not an analysis of it as such, the best I can do is leave you a list:

  • just one line: you can play both 1v1 and team match of three fighters each
  • Arcade mode: each character has their own story in arcade mode and you can choose between 5 or 12 fights
  • Fights with special conditions: This is a versus where you can make the fight feel like a fantasy with conditions like a bull running through the level once in a while and you have to dodge it during the fight
  • There are also the typical practice modes and the tutorial
  • Around the world modewhich is made up of a single player mode where you can get familiar with the mechanics of the game, but it’s something that goes way beyond that

Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode is pure fantasy

Taking into account that my head is still spinning after trying it and, above all, that I consider it only for first impressions it is better to speak with gutsthe best i can do is tell you what i did in this single player mode of Street Fighter 6 And why did that freak me out so much?

  • This is a mode that ditches the cinematic style on the single-player side of other genre rivals. for something very RPG oriented
  • This can be seen in different elements of the World Tour like, for example, the use of objects to obtain advantages before fighting, leveling up with experience points, the possibility for our character to learn skills and much more
  • The mod in question it starts with a character creator that is deep enough and full of possibilities
  • Once we are released into the world, we will have to complete main missions for different mythical characters of the sagaas well as other secondary tasks
  • Something that caught my eye on the World Tour was that you can fight almost any NPC you meet on the street
  • Better yet, you have an avatar whose fighting style you can customize with the skills you learn from the different characters in the game


A game whose content is overflowing with its ears, with deep and accessible combat mechanics, a single player mode that promises a lot… I wanted to try Street Fighter 6, but I had no idea how much I would like what I would see.

Now all that remains is to wait a long month until Street Fighter 6 releases on June 2. What is good is that there is a demo available which I download now to quell the cravings and my fingers don’t miss nails from biting them. With only 3 hours, I can verify once again that we are facing one of the best Capcom in history and this installment of the franchise is a celebration of his legacy. If I didn’t know how to speak English, I would say that Street Fighter 6 can be translated into Spanish as “long live videogames”.

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