Almudena Cid can boast of being one of the most famous Spanish athletes in the history of rhythmic gymnastics, having participated in up to four Olympic Games. That of Vitoria was able to reinvent itself once the competition was over. We have seen her write (without going any further, she has just launched her new book Walking without toes), but also play (she was one of the protagonists of Puente Viejo).

Also, he starred in several titles for his relationship with TV presenter Christian Galvez. The couple spent fifteen years together until they decided to go their separate ways. Now let’s present your book. walk without toesAlmuena went to today for today to chat with Àngels Barceló. The former gymnast confided in her breakup with Christian Galvez (from whom she separated in 2022), ensuring that she is still adapting to her new life.

The athlete confessed in the interview that she went through a very dark stage, having to face very difficult times: “I’ve come to think that swerving would end the pain. I know what I’m telling you is something very intimate, but I don’t mind saying it on the radio because I mean that when you are like this, you should ask for help.”

Fortunately, he asked for help and recounted his experience in the book Walking Without Toes. Of course, you won’t find anything about what happened between Almudena and Christian to end their relationship.

Almudena talks about his feelings

Almudena told Àngels that this whole process of change has helped her to value her own feelings and emotions more: “The most visceral feelings were still inside and anger was not a prevailing feeling during the breakup, there was just overwhelming sadness.”

What is curious is that it was his sports career that saved him from his personal crisis: “Everything that helped me overcome the worst moments of my sports career is what saved me from this situation.”

Of course, he admits that part of the problems his marriage to the presenter had was due to the attitudes he inherited from that time: “I was a person who always put the needs of others before the his, with the state of anxiety that it generated in me. I had a reflex not to disappoint, the need to show that I was very good at sport, with friends, as a couple.”

Almudena also spoke about the problems she faced due to her public showing and her life being described as a form of entertainment: “A lot of media presented this situation as just entertainment and we end up accepting it because they have seen it in other famous people too, without realizing that we are talking about people.”

Almudena is now calm and stable and wants to help others be happier with her book.

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