Obsession is the new British series of netflixthe umpteenth adaptation of the novel written by Joséphine Hart and which already in the 90s gave us an instant classic, Hurt. On this occasion, Indira Varma there Charlie Murphy are its protagonists, and instead of adopting the form of a feature film, it turns into a miniseries of 4 chapters that in total do not last more than 2 and a half hours. If you have already seen them and want more, you have here all the data we know so far from Obsession season 2, if any.

Will there be a season 2 of Obsession on Netflix?

In the first place, Obsession is a miniseriestherefore, its continuity beyond this first season is complicated, in addition, we are talking about a project of 4 episodes with a closed end, so it doesn’t make sense that there’s a second season of Obsessionbecause the story does not require it.

Second, Netflix has yet to decide on a second season.So, if there is one, the managers of the platform of streaming they wouldn’t say anything, at least, until 28 days had passed to analyze the audience data. But as I said before, there are unlikely to be more chapters.

When does the second season of Obsession air on Netflix?

Although some fans are eagerly awaiting new chapters of Obsession (I understand, because the series clings and does not last, it does not show in one breath), it is unlikely that we will receive them. Therefore, at least at this time, I can’t give a release date for season 2 of Obsession so much it hurts me.

Obsession only has 4 chapters of 40 minutes each (approximately)

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