Laura Escanes turns 27 on April 13 and, as expected, her family, friends and fans didn’t miss the chance to publicly show their love and congratulate her on celebrating another year.

Since early morning, the networks have been filled with messages of affection and love for the Catalan influencer. But, although her friends and her boy, singer Álvaro de Luna, have posted photos on their Instagram profiles with the latest Idol Award for Digital Creator of the Year, it is precisely the congratulations from his ex-partner, presenter Risto Mejide, the one that captured all eyes.

Risto and Laura separated in September 2022 and since going public with the end of their relationship, few public winks have been made. The influencer tries not to talk about the presenter in her public speeches beyond wishing her well for both her and her daughter’s sake in common, and he, in general, has also tried to avoid the subject.

Of course, just as Laura remembered him on Father’s Day, Mejide has already congratulated Escanes on his big win at the Ídolo Awards and this Thursday he did the same on his birthday. despite the fact that only two days ago he publicly confronted Sindi Takanashi, one of his ex-girlfriend’s closest friends who had criticized on social media that the Cuatro presenter had a much younger girlfriend after splitting from Laura, with whom he had been with for 22 years.

Risto’s congratulations to Laura Escanes

Congratulations from Risto Mejide to Laura Escanes. / Instagram – Risto Méjide

“Happy birthday to the mother of my daughter, Laura Escanes”the presenter wrote in an Instagram story accompanied by two archival photographs in which we can see the influencer celebrating her 26th birthday and that, unlike what she did with other congratulations from friends and with that of her current boyfriend, the influencer has not shared on his profile.

Risto Mejide vs. Sindi Takanashi

The controversy already sown, Risto Mejide decided on Tuesday April 11 to respond to comments made by cyberactivist and presenter Sindi Takanashi on her Tik Tok account in which she assured that the fact that the publicist had started a relationship with a girl who was very younger than him confirmed what was for her a pattern that corresponds to the search for power within the couple.

Risto, aware of Takanashi’s virality and reach, decided to strike back with everything and dedicated a few words to him on his prime-time show on Cuatro, assuring that regardless of Takanashi’s opinion, it bothers him the most. him, the cyberactivist had used “private information” that she would have obtained to be Laura’s friend.

Listening to it, Takanashi decided not to remain silent and posted another video responding to the presenter and denying having taken advantage of any information she had obtained in the private sphere to criticize his attitude.

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