From the PS5 Slim to the portable PlayStation: all the rumors about consoles in development right now

It’s been over 2.5 years since the launch of the PS5, but it’s only been a few months since the console’s stock finally normalized. Sony. However, the rumors never stopped, and we heard about upcoming new releases of this console or even new PlayStation devices.

Yes, we talked about it ps5 slim, of PS5 Pro and even a portable console. All this and much more is what I will compile in this article where we will talk about all the consoles that supposedly sony is currently in development with a view to launching them in the months or years to come.

PS5 consoles/versions in development

It should be mentioned here that the vast majority of rumors they started running after Tom Henderson in your portal Insider Game, Who is this well known for leaking countless information about video games with total success in recent years, so its details are always very reliable. That said, let’s get started!

PS5 Slim (or not)

PS5 Slim Gamer Concept

Why do I say “or not”? Well it turns out PS5 Slim is a console that has been rumored for quite some time, something to be expected as they have always released a slim version of every PlayStation three years after launch. The 3rd anniversary of the PlayStation 5 console is next November 2023, so it is expected that they will launch a Slim version there.

However, much more is said about a version of PS5 that would feature a removable disk drive. That is to say, it would be a merger between the PS5 with drive and the current PS5 Digital Edition. This drive could be removed or even purchased separately, making it easier arrangement of consoles and avoid further stock issues in the future.

  • Expected release date: September 2023
  • Name: PS5 Slim (or the same PS5 but with the removable drive)
  • Power Upgrade: in principle, it should have the same power as the current PlayStation 5
  • Price : 499.99€


QLite is the name that, according to reports, receives the portable console developed by PlayStation. It’s a console that would play ps5 games, but even though it may look like some sort of Steam Deck but PlayStation focused, there is a catch. Actually this machine would only work in direct connection with the PS5, something very similar to what he did the Wii U GamePad controller.

For now, nothing more is known about this device, although it is expected that It will have the same features as the DualSense: adaptive triggers, haptic vibration, etc. It is also expected that supports 1080p and 60 FPS on your screen.

  • Expected release date: end of 2023
  • Name: Q Lite (it’s probably temporary).
  • Power Upgrade: will not show maximum power in games
  • Price : unknown, but as it is an accessory, I would bet between 100€ and 200€

PS5 Pro

PS5 Pro design
PS5 Pro Playground Concept

And that’s when he comes the console most gamers have come to expect. This will mean a potential superiority over the current PlayStation 5, although it will also show this superiority in its price, of which there is still no official information. There is little information even among the rumors about this console, but yes that the insiders the most popular guarantee 100% that this console is currently in development.

  • Expected release date: end of 2024
  • Name: PS5 Pro
  • Power Upgrade: go put more power compared to the current console
  • Price : It is expected to cost €599.99 at launch

Other devices in development

Other devices are under development, such as Leonardo project. It is the only device officially confirmed by PlayStation, and it consists of make a PS5 controller with great customization so that people with physical disabilities can enjoy video games like any other gamer.

It is also said that there are developing new wireless headphones for PS5, in addition to Some headphones are also wireless for the console, both devices developed by PlayStation. These should be published early 2024.

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