The anime of “NieR: Automata“, name “NieR Automata Ver1.1a“, has been one of my greatest joys and disappointments so far in 2023. Joy because the anime not only tells the story of the video game, but also combines elements of other multimedia aspects of the NieR franchise… and disappointment because, for example, now we already have over a month with the anime totally frozen and without a clue when he’ll be back. Come on, only a cosplay can make you happy with the way things are.

These 2B and 9S cosplays look straight out of a live-action NieR: Automata

And said and done: so I’ll leave you with it the cosplay of 9S and 2B that the cosplayers made @mamuraban there @nato_mitsufor the truth is that they have worked it over and over again:

Of course, the cosplay could perfectly pass for an official action scene
  • The photography has a brutal quality: from the scene to the outfits themselves through the editing. The truth is, I don’t know how you can improve what you see in photography (of course, I’m not a professional in the field).
  • However, what I find most impressive is that this photo could be passed off as a real live-action poster for NieR: Automata. I don’t know if we will one day have a series or a film like that, but of course, in terms of photography, they have already set the bar quite high.
  • Unfortunately this is the only photo available of all (or that I found at least), but the truth is that it is worth it.

Sincerely, I wish I could say I have any idea when the “NieR Automata Ver1.1a” anime will air again… but I would be lying. Además, lo más extraño de todo es que ahora mismo A-1 Pictures, el studio a cargo de la adaptation de NieR: Automata, está trabajando en el anime de “Mashle”, el cual no ha sufrido interrupción alguna y que además tiene muy good quality. What has been said: all that remains is to be patient and, for the moment, leave this anime in the background.

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