Dungeons and Dragons is, without a doubt, the world’s most famous and most played TTRPG (tabletop role-playing game). So much so that even in series like rick and morty there stranger things there are many references to this fantastic game system. Despite its popularity, there have been very few productions associated with the official brand. Overall, some of these projects are a great option for fantasy and roleplaying fans. Next you will find the list that includes all the Dungeons and Dragons movies and series from worst to best:

5. Dragons and Dungeons 3

  • The third installment of the original series of films based on the role-playing game was straight to DVD.
  • This premiere is an indicator of the seriousness of this band.
  • Although its plot is interesting as it focuses more on the group of villains, its visual effects and performance are horrible.
  • Even so, if you really like the board game, it’s true that several rules and abilities are represented directly from the books.
  • Still, I don’t recommend it unless you’re curious to see what it looks like.
This magic looks like something out of a PlayStation 2 video game.

4. Dragons and Dungeons 2

This second part of the cinematographic saga instead focuses on the basic concept of a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. For most of the film, we follow a group of adventurers who fight in a manner similar to the board game, with a barbarian, a wizard, a cleric and a thief. Despite this, once again, the performances and the special effects are very bad, making what happens on the screen not at all believable. That said, it is true that the story of the film has many references to setting by Greyhawkso it can be interesting if you like this version of the game.

dragons and dungeons 2
Even if the film is not very good, the costumes are nice.

3. Dragons and Dungeons

  • It was the first Dungeons and Dragons movie and its production was long and very hectic.
  • The result is a group of poor performance and rather weak effects that don’t quite work.
  • Despite this, the simplicity of its plot manages to save it a bit and ends up being the best of the three deliveries.
dungeons and dragons
This tape is the best episode of the original saga.

2. Dungeons & Dragons: The Animated Series

Ironically, this 80s animated series is one of the most beloved and respected productions of all Dungeons & Dragons projects. This children’s television drama features a group of friends who come in to play the board game and end up being transported to the world of fantasy. There they live many adventures while trying to defeat the villain, the Lord of Evil. a very good representation of what the Dungeons and Dragons games look like and animation makes all spells and monsters more convincing.

dungeons and dragons animation
If you feel like feeling nostalgic, you can watch this classic series.

1. Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

Finally, the most recent movie to bear the official Dungeons & Dragons seal gets far surpasses all others. First of all, it is very remarkable that the special effects finally manage to correctly represent the different types of magic and monsters from the world of board games. Additionally, the cast of actors does a great job showing what bards, paladins, druids, and other unique classes would look like. Finally, it should be noted that its plot is inspired by the classic adventure strips of the 80s and 90swhich suits the film very well.

This tape is the perfect mix between humor and action and also is full of little winks and references that will delight those who play the board game. In this way, it is perfect for fans of Dungeons and Dragons, but also for those who simply love fantasy. Also, you can read my colleague David Cruz’s review by clicking here.

Special Mention: The Legend of Vox Machina

While this Prime Video animated series doesn’t bear the “official” Dungeons & Dragons seal, It is one of the best choice for fans of the game. Its main attraction is that it is based on a real campaign run by the group Critical Role, so everything we see in the series happened in the board game. It shows the passion his voice actors feel for the project and the animation and character design are unbeatable.

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