Of all the Dead by Daylight Killer perks, Onryo’s The Merciless Storm is one of the most irritating, and it got worse. A bug in the horror game PTB resets generator progress for every skill test you complete, making Sadako one of Dead by Daylight’s strongest enemies.

Merciless Storm activates when a generator reaches 90% completion. Los jugadores tienen que pasar controls de habilidad continuos para capear la tempestad, y si fallan solo uno, el generador explota, alertando al asesino de su presencia y blocando el generador duree 16, 18 or 20 segundos, según el nivel en el que se nivele earnings. For.

If you’re like me, the constant skill checks are scary, especially when the stakes are high at the end of a test. Merciless Storm is absolutely awful; and unfortunately it got even worse.

A bug in DBD PTB means that even if you complete all skill checks, your builder progress will be reset. As seen by u/AverageNOEDuser on Reddit, as soon as Merciless Storm hits the player, their generator progress is reduced to zero each time they pass a skill check. At this point, it’s probably best to fail the skill checks and hope your progress stays where it is.

Hitting Merciless Storm’s ability checks in the PTB removes progress
by u/AverageNOEDuser on deadbydaylight

According to the comments section, this is actually the second major bug affecting the perks of this patch. The other, according to one player, “would start with a forced failure of the ability test (Merciless Storm), with people having that ability test permanently on their screen and not being able to perform ability tests anymore.

“If they were dropped and picked up with the standing ability check, they would be stuck in the ‘carried’ state, even if unhooked, rendering the game unplayable.”

While that first bug has been well and truly squashed, the problems caused by its pesky predecessor are endless. Onryo players can effectively wipe out the hard work of survivors in an instant, and there’s nothing our heroes and heroines can do about it. Luckily, this is in the PTB and will likely never come out, but either way, the buff proves difficult for Behavior to master.

In the meantime, there’s a plethora of Dead by Daylight codes available this month, so hopefully they’ll give you some cool new gear to offset the chaos. Otherwise, if you’re sick of getting murdered, we’ve got a list of the best multiplayer games to try while you wait out the storm.

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