A shocked Nancy Pelosi reveals that her husband has not “returned to normal” after hammer attack

Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi revealed that it will take her husband at least four more months to “get back to normal” after the brutal beating she received at her San Francisco home last fall.
The voice of Rep. Nancy Pelosi, 82, cracked when she was questioned about the health of her husband Paul who was the victim of a hammer attack last fall. The former speaker of the House of Representatives indicated that it will take the father of her children at least four more months before she “returns to normal.”

“Pelosi is fine,” Nancy Pelosi told Wallace during his appearance on “Who’s Talking to Wallace?” and even pointed out that “it’s going to take a little while for him to get back to normal” and showed a lump in his throat when she said that she felt “very sad” about what happened “because (DePape) was looking for me and my dear husband, who is not even that political, actually paid the price…”.

According to official information, on October 28, 2022, Paul Pelosi, 82, was alone at his home in San Francisco, California, when suddenly a conspiracy theorist identified as David DePape, 42, entered. forced to his residence and between shouts asked “where is Nancy? where is nancy?
Prosecutors said DePape then struck Paul Pelosi with a hammer before he was arrested. The alleged shooter, who has pleaded not guilty, allegedly told investigators that he planned to “hold Nancy hostage,” interrogate her, and “break her kneecaps” if he felt she was lying to him.

The blows Paul received caused a skull fracture, as well as serious injuries to his right arm and hands, for which he required surgery.

“Anyone who has had a head injury knows to be very careful. You have to be careful with the movement. You have to be careful with light, you have to be careful with sound and it only takes a while, probably another three or four months, according to the doctors, for him to really be himself,” Nancy said.

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