Another teenager stabbed outside a school in New York

Another teenager stabbed outside a school in New York: unbridled violence

Another teenager stabbed outside a school in New York

An 18-year-old was stabbed outside a Lower Manhattan high school yesterday afternoon, closing a week with several teens shot and stabbed near NYC schools.

According to police, the teen was stabbed once in the back near 198 Forsyth St., where Cascades High School is located.
He was rushed to Bellevue Hospital in stable condition. The attacker, believed to be a 20-year-old man, fled in an unknown direction, police said. It was not clear if the victim was a student at that high school or what sparked the violence, the New York Post said.

Young people are increasingly protagonists in gun violence in New York as victims and perpetrators, particularly shootings and attacks with bladed weapons.
On Tuesday two teenagers were stabbed to death in gang attacks in Queens and Brooklyn, just hours apart. One of the cases happened behind Flushing High School. The next day a 13-year-old boy was arrested after a shooting left two teenagers injured outside a Queens high school.

On Thursday, a 13-year-old boy was detained by police after he was caught with a gun in his backpack at a Bronx high school. Later that day, also in that county, a Hispanic teen was fatally shot and another was injured outside a night basketball game.
In early January, another 14-year-old student was arrested after a loaded handgun was seized from his high school in Queens on the first day of school in 2023.

In September an NYPD report found that recidivism among teens had risen sharply over the past five years and the number of gunmen and their underage victims had tripled in recent years.

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