Don Omar

The singer Don Omar would not have started well in 2023 after the authorities of the Bolivian nation issued an arrest warrant against the interpreter of the urban genre
The Special Prosecutor for Property Crimes of Santa Cruz this Saturday issued an arrest warrant that is directed towards William Omar Ladrón Ribera, better known in the entertainment world as Don Omar. According to the document, he must give his statement to the Bolivian authorities.

The complaint was made by the national manager of the Vice Ministry of User and Consumer Defense, Paola Ajnota, who was based on an alleged aggravated fraud. The legal document was issued by the prosecutor Nancy Carrasco, who also did it with the brother of the interpreter of the urban genre, Héctor Luis Ladrón, who was also arrested last Thursday night.

“Against Felix Gerardo Ortiz, Luca Piccolo, Gabriel Enrique Pizarro, William Omar Ladrón Rivera and Héctor Luis Ladrón Ribera Lucca Picolo, Lennox Gabriel Enrique Pizarro Pizarro is the manager for the alleged commission of the crimes of aggravated fraud provided for in Art. 335 with relation to Art. 346 BIS. of the penal code, signed with the unique code”, the order outlines.

Local media revealed that Don Omar had apparently been apprehended with those who make up his staff this Saturday at the Viru Viru airport. The fact is recorded, because, allegedly, the interpreter of “Love Song” would have suspended a show that was scheduled for this January 21, and that would be held at the Real Santa Cruz stadium.
However, last Friday he had a concert in La Paz, after the one scheduled for Thursday the 19th of this month was cancelled. Apparently everything would have been presented due to an alleged breach of contract by the company that, according to what was going to assume the responsibility of transferring the Puerto Rican.

Internet users on social networks have expressed their opinion about what happened, while some expressed their satisfaction with what happened, because a few months ago he was involved in a scandal with Raphy Pina, who has been behind bars for a few months. .

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