This Monday we saw the last bonfires of the sixth edition of island of temptations. Of the four remaining couples, only one decided to stay together and strengthen their love after this experience, that of lydia y Manual. Not before wondering about what they’d been up to during the weeks they’d been apart.

Lydia, or Sor Lydia, as she was called in her villa, made Manuel understand that she had gained confidence in her and that her behavior was not comparable to his that he had let himself be carried away excessively by Myriam. Something that Manuel himself has come to recognize.

The thing is, despite the initial tension, they eventually they confessed how much they loved each other making it clear that they were made for each other and that their relationship had a future.

Lydia was one of the candidates who best respected her relationship and always had clear ideas and controlled boundaries despite her ties to Michael who was his biggest support in the villa. And this behavior was very appreciated by the public who always had good words for her.

Naomi’s Flattery

She has also made a dent in her colleagues who have her as a reference. Naomi thus showed that after seeing the last pyres, she did not hesitate to go to social networks to leave a public message of admiration for her friend.

My goal in life is to have the inner peace and patience that she hasreally,” said Naomi who has a completely opposite character that is characterized by her outburst and unfiltered intensity.

“It’s been a long time since I admired someone so much, and It’s not like that as a girlfriend, as a friend it’s exactly the sameit’s that it’s loving her,” he continued.

Lydia did not hesitate to respond in the same way, on social networks. “I am proud to be able to call you my friend, I have learned a lot from you and I continue to learn on a daily basis. I owe my behavior to the support I received in this villa, I love you so much, a big compliment from you“, he admitted with that mutual admiration that they profess.

Lydia and Naomi, exchanging messages on IG after the last pyres of ‘The island of temptations’. / instagram

This edition of the show may have broken up a lot of couples, but it also created a lot of friendships.

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