Game News Overwatch 2: the price of all cosmetics revealed, 3 lives will not be enough to get them all for free

Was Overwatch 2 meant to last until 2348? This is what one might think following various calculations made by the community concerning the cosmetics present in the game… which would be the subject of a considerable unlocking time.


  • Overwatch 2: a free source of many problems?
  • More than 3 human lives
  • Overwatch 2: a free source of many problems?

For two weeks now and the release of Overwatch 2, fans of the license created by Blizzard can find what seduced them in 2016 with the release of the first opus. Six years have passed and new things have arrived.

Indeed, probably to fit in with the times, Blizzard has decided to transform its cooperative action game into a game free-to-play : Overwatch 2 includes micro-transactions (completely optional) but can be enjoyed at no cost to enter. Something that allows many (25 million identified in the week that followed) players to try the title… but which seems to give new players a reason to complain about the cosmetics.

This is indeed what one can believe in the du calculation of the total time required to unlock all cosmetics from one of the three heroines to have joined the cast of the game. Unfortunately, this is not one of the only factors that could cause players to complain.

More than 3 human lives

Before getting to the heart of the matter, it is good to remind our readers of some notions of currencies. Overwatch 2 has 4 different currencies.

There are the classic credits, a kind of legacy currency from the first game that is currently impossible to earn. Next, Overwatch coins are those earned by completing challenges (weekly) or by checking out. Finally, we must then mention the Overwatch League Tokens which are only awarded to their spectators and are only used to exchange for competition cosmetics. It is thanks to Overwatch Coins that players, newcomers or not, can recover cosmetics. As for newcomers, it will take a lot to hope to recover all the cosmetics of the game. Evidenced by the calculation made by several users of the reddit forum: 1,022,600 Overwatch coins, or more than 10,000 € to invest. In the process, another player explains that it would be necessary to carry out 17,000 weekly challenges: it would take 326 years to do given the mechanics in place in Overwatch 2.

In terms of playing time, this is probably less, but we will have to be patient (and find the solution for immortality by then). A new frustration that can be understood among players, despite Blizzard’s efforts to make amends over problematic Overwatch 2 launch.

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