Game news Overwatch 2: Blizzard apologizes and promises gifts to “help make up for lost time”

It’s been a week since Overwatch 2 and we must admit that the release has been eventful for Blizzard. To “help make up for” the lost time, the studio has just communicated its apologies and promises future gifts for the players.


  • Overwatch 2 misses the call of its release
  • “Helping make up for lost time”
  • Overwatch 2 misses the call of its release

Overwatch 2 released last week in a more than eventful launch. In the first hours after its release, players eager to discover this sequel stormed the servers. Results ? Of many long queues combined with problems with servers under attack at Blizzard. Some of the lucky ones who were able to connect at that time noticed to their chagrin that many cosmetics and currencies, which they had on Overwatch first of the name, had then disappeared.

Bugs and malfunctions known to Blizzard but which have continued to appear again, such as the one preventing players from inviting their teammates because they would not be in the same version of the game. Just yesterday, these are the heroes Bastion et Torbjorn which are simply removed from certain modes due to their abilities not working as desired.

This is without mentioning the return of players who are for some more than furious. From the first days of the release, some players have the feeling of being too poor to play the game (yet free-to-play) while others point the finger at the monstrous time needed to unlock all cosmetics for a character. Overall, those who have tried the game are not all satisfied and the let know on Metacritic by knocking out his note. What to believe that the title is more popular on an adult site than for what it offers in itself.

“Helping make up for lost time”

In short, a chaotic launch week for Blizzard and its co-op hero shooter. The studio knows this and has acknowledged it through a post on social networks as well as on its official site. He wants to thank the players who joined him on this new chapter while specifying that having transformed the title into game as a service allows them to make changes faster than before. But in the first place, Blizzard first wanted to apologize and wants “help make up for lost time” :

We apologize for any issues players may have experienced launching the game. We will also be giving all players who log in between October 25 and the end of the first season an all-new Legendary Cursed Reaper Captain skin and trinket health pack weapon.

The legendary Reaper skin and weapon charm.

In addition to these given cosmetics, Blizzard specifies that several weekends where the experience will be doubled will take place. Exact dates weren’t given, but the studio adds that it will be back within the week for an update on another feedback given by players.

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