A Ford Maverick can run the quarter mile faster than a Dodge Challenger R/T

A Ford Maverick can run the quarter mile faster than a Dodge Challenger R/T

The small Ford Maverick has become one of the most sought after pickups in the car market due to its great capabilities and technology. Proof of this is a modified Maverick that just surpassed the Dodge Challenger R/T in the fastest quarter mile time, proving that this pickup is very capable.

By using existing Ford parts, the Maverick could only have been the tunable little truck that it is. And the fast Mavericks are already here, as the apparent new Maverick with quarter-mile record demonstrates by making a pass faster than that of a Dodge Challenger R/T.

The Maverick of claiming fame is the 2.0-liter Maverick Ecoboost AWD tuned by Buschur Racing in Wakeman, Ohio.

Maverick Modifications

As stated in the video description of the pickup’s record-breaking drag race, it’s equipped with an elementary set of modifications to improve airflow: It has a three-inch intake, a front-mounted intercooler, a catback exhaust and a custom 93 octane tuning applied by 5 Star Tuning, all developed in-house at Buschur. The Mav’s horsepower is unclear, as shop owner David Buschur tells the Maverick Truck Club that the truck is hard to measure, but the little Ford’s performance spoke for itself at a recent endurance event.

Tuned Maverick Competition

He took part in a local drag event in the Ecoboost class, and the Maverick made it to the final, where he was up against a tuned-up Ranger. He placed a respectable second, and in the process posted what is believed to be the quarter-mile record for a Ford Maverick: 13.565 seconds at 100 mph. Considering Motortrend tested a Challenger R/T in 13.6 seconds in the quarter mile, this Maverick is quicker, and more performance may be on the way.

The Maverick could raise its performance even more

There are hints on the forums that Buschur is developing a better turbo for the Maverick, which could boost performance even further. More air means more fuel can be burned, in turn generating more power, and the E85 can unlock even more if the bottom end turns out to be a weak link.

It’s clear we’re nowhere near the bottom of the Maverick’s capability, and this thrifty little truck can get past 12 seconds. If Ford ever offers us a 2.3-liter Ecoboost-powered Maverick ST, it sure will, though it’s not like Ford will have a problem selling the trucks it already makes.

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