The team behind Far From Home has just revealed that their survival-adventure game, Forever Skies, is set to launch on PlayStation 5 in 2024.

This announcement comes alongside the release of the full PC version, which has been available on Steam Early Access since June of last year.

Console Exclusive Debut on PlayStation 5

While initially planned for Xbox Series, the developer now hints at a “console exclusive debut” on PlayStation 5, indicating a possible delay for the release on Microsoft’s console.

The collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment has played a crucial role in enhancing support and funding to ensure that Forever Skies delivers the best possible gaming experience for its console debut.

Developer Insights

Gameplay lead Andrzej Blumenfeld shared insights into the collaboration, stating:

“At the conclusion of PC Early Access, we’ll be all set to launch the full version simultaneously with PlayStation 5. This won’t impact our work or the Steam release date, ensuring a simultaneous launch on both platforms.”

Exciting Updates for PC Players

Coinciding with this announcement, the PC version of Forever Skies has received over 45 “quality of life” improvements.

Additionally, a content update is scheduled for next month, featuring new story chapters, intricate gardening systems, fresh locations, and equipment. The final version will boast both single-player and four-player co-op modes.

Dive into Forever Skies

In Forever Skies, players embark on a journey to build and customize a cutting-edge airship, utilizing it to explore the Earth’s surface. This versatile vehicle serves as a home, workshop, laboratory, and more.

Players can traverse the remnants of civilization and explore mysterious anomalies. Notably, the game currently holds a “very positive” user rating, adding to the anticipation surrounding its upcoming releases.

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