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Do you want to play ranked games on Overwatch 2, but the selection for this game mode is greyed out? In this article, we explain how to unlock the competition on the Blizzard shooter.

Overwatch 2 is a first-person shooter that is played on different maps and game modes. In addition to having the possibility of taking the heroes of their choice; players have the opportunity to launch arcade games that break the classic codes of the game for more fun, fast games, but also competitive games. Many people want to see the level they have by getting into competitive games, but how?

In this guide, we explain how to enter the big leagues, i.e. the ranked games.


  • How do I unlock ranked games?
  • Is it good to get into competitive play right now?

License veterans who previously had account level 25 will be able to join competitive games without question. But it’s totally different for novices.

Indeed, new players will have to take up a challenge before they can compete with other players to climb the rankings: win 50 quick games. This restriction removes the requirement to have level 25 account. This approach is not punitive, but above all restricts players with bad intentions during competitive games. We explain to you.

It’s not uncommon to see accomplished players create new accounts in an effort to harm low-level players. But that’s not all, because this restriction also allows neophytes to get to know the different cards and to get their hands on different heroes. This challenge attempts to instill a sense of strategy in new players and somewhat protects veteran players.

Is it good to get into competitive play right now?

A week ago, we would have strongly advised against entering a competitive game. Indeed, many have fallen to a far lower rank than they were on Overwatch 1. Following various complaints, the developers released a blogpost on October 13 to announce adding a temporary bonus. The latter serves as a boost for players deemed to be ranked far too low by granting a big rank increase after 7 wins. So, logically, there is nothing to worry about. You can enter the lion’s den without worry.

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