Fortnite error codes

List of Fortnite error codes (and how to fix them)

With any great game that requires players to be fully connected online, like Fortnite, there can be a lot of things that go wrong. There are several error codes that can appear and each one means something different. We will go over what each code means and how to fix the problem without contacting a helpdesk.

Fortnite connectivity error codes

This is a general connection problem that can be related to the Internet connection of the player or the server.

Error 91

This error arises from disconnection or inability to join a party. If it’s a disconnect issue, players will need to check the game files in the launcher settings. Otherwise, players can change their group status to private to join a group.


No connection at all. Treat this exactly the same as the first error.


This error occurs because you cannot connect to the Epic Games launcher. In this situation, players need to check the status of the Epic Games server. Alternatively, this can be a problem with a VPN, proxy servers, or firewalls. Make sure all of these are disabled when playing the game.


This error is caused by a problem with the server and a patch. This most likely means that the Epic Games server is down or the player’s internet is too slow or disconnected.


This error is usually caused by a problem with the player’s internet. Players must first check if the console or PC is connected to the internet. Then check the internet service status to make sure the service is not down. Finally, test the internet speed. If the speed is slow or hangs, try using a wired connection to the console or PC.

Fortnite Launcher errors and error codes

Epic White Screen Game Launcher

If players have their home screen never loaded, this means that the web cache is full. Players can flush the cache from C: User PC Name AppData Local EpicGamesLauncher Saved.

Error 0

Instead of starting Fortnite, this error will ask the player to restart the client. Players receiving this error will need to check the game files in the launcher settings or run a command prompt as an administrator. The command prompt is “sfc / scannow.”

Error 500

Error 500 occurs when the game cannot be started. This is one of the sad mistakes that cannot be fixed on the gamer end. Just report the issue to make sure Epic Games can fix it for you.

Error 30005

This bug prevents players from starting the game due to a bug with the software that is intended to prevent players from cheating. To resolve this issue, players will need to go to the program files and then to the EasyAntiCheat section. Then delete the .sys file it contains.

Miscellaneous Fortnite error codes

bad_module_info has stopped working

This error probably means that some software is outdated or corrupted. Players can check the game files or change the full screen settings to make the game easier to run. However, if this doesn’t solve the problem, players may need to update their graphics card or Windows drivers.


This error causes the PS4 to crash. Players will need to update their PS4 or restart it.


This bug prevents the PS4 from starting the game. To fix this, players need to verify their internet connection and verify that their IP is correct.


This error comes from gamers unable to download on PC. Players can fix this problem by running the Epic Games Launcher as an administrator.


This error occurs because the build could not be verified. To resolve this, go to the Hard Drive Properties section. Next, make sure the Epic Games files are of type NTFS. If they are labeled FAT32, they will need to be converted to NTFS.


This is an automatic update error. Players can fix this by going to the Properties section of the Epic Games launcher and adding “-SkipBuildPatchPrereq” to the end of the Objective tab.


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