Last week, as part of the Chapter 3 Season 2 launch, developer Epic Games The building was removed It’s an electronic game And it’s still missing today. Tuesday update He added a new game mode called “Zero Build” to the game, but he didn’t add anything else, so there are no buildings in the main battle royale yet.

Players can choose Zero Build from the game’s main menu, the same way they would select any other game mode. Zero Build includes exactly the same features that the lower version of the standard Battle Royale had last week, complete with much higher armor, cover, and enemy speed.

The removal of the building proved to be a popular addition for many players, garnering positive acceptance across social media and Reddit. Meanwhile, the change has also brought a lot of It’s electronic game Streamers are back in the game, reviving some Twitch and big nostalgia for 2018 and 2019.

While no additional modes have been added yet, it is likely that we will have a “standard” battle royale mode in the near future, which will officially add a building to the game. However, Epic’s Zero Build setup at the moment probably means we can expect this mode to continue for some time as well. But we have to wait It’s an electronic game Chapter 3 Season 2 to continue uncovering Epic’s exact plan.

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