Fortnite: Find All the Cube Monster Parts in Chapter 2, Season 8

This season of Fortnite brings new crafting material called Cube Monster parts and can be used to upgrade Parallel weapons, which can be obtained from parallel zones and anomalies.

You will find parallel zones and anomalies in random parts of the map every time you enter a game. A group of cube monsters will be waiting for you inside and they will start attacking you when you enter.

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The monster parts of the cube will appear randomly as you kill more monsters in parallel zones and anomalies, so completing a Parallel encounter is one of the best ways to rack up more. However, completing these encounters can be more difficult than it sounds, as the number of monsters in the cube will continue to grow over time.

Before heading to the Parallel , you should do some looting so you don’t run out of ammo or materials when fighting the cube monsters as other players can enter as well. Some will leave you alone or even help you during these encounters, but others will try to eliminate you.

While eliminating the monsters from the cube, always keep an eye on your surroundings and try to be as fast as possible. If you are looking to upgrade your parallel weapons with monster parts, you should do so somewhere else safe and leave the Parallel. Once you’re outside, find a house or build a box around you to continue crafting. If you have all the necessary materials, you just have to open your inventory and switch to the crafting or crafting tab.

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