Call of Duty: Warzone shows no signs of slowing down, with more than 100 million players worldwide who have gotten into the game to take on COD style. And what better way to spend your days than with a free Battle Royale game, tied to an already dominant franchise?

The game has just undergone its biggest change since launch, finally moving away from its Verdansk map and landing on Caldera, an island in the Pacific, to link up with Vanguard . The game has changed, but we’ve been playing it from the beginning and we still have a lot of tips to help you out.

We’ve been down more times than we can count in the area, practicing and squad up to discover some helpful tips and strategies that you can take back to your own sessions. Say it quietly, we’re even winning some games. So, here are our top tips for becoming a better COD Warzone player.

Check the map before releasing

1. Check the map before releasing

Your choice of landing zone is a key variable at the start of a match. The moment you see the plane scene starting, you can open the map screen for your match and see where the shrinking gas circle will begin. That can help you get an idea of ​​where people are most likely to land and where you’ll need to aim as you get closer.

It is important that, as your confidence grows, you can adapt your tactics on this front. If you don’t feel like participating in chaotic shootouts, maybe go further to get a solid team. Alternatively, go for the “litmus test” approach and train yourself in the fight by searching for crowded areas like the ever-popular Capital. It’s up to you, but make sure you pick a spot as a squad.

2. Pop and cut your parachute to make it drop faster

Almost the moment Warzone got going, players discovered a cheeky way to get a little ahead of a match. As you fall from the plane onto the map, you can pop the parachute whenever you want to glide more slowly. However, what people realized is that you can cut the cable to dive again and pop the parachute again as many times as you want. Now most players use that to their advantage.

First, as you fall, popping the parachute and then cutting the cables gives you a short speed boost and launches you forward more aggressively, allowing you to cover ground more quickly to get to the drop zone. chosen landing.

Second, after cutting the parachute, you get a few seconds of the starting pistol being drawn, potentially allowing you to shoot other falling people, to get that first little advantage, if you’re okay with being a little toxic.

Lastly, you can also drift sideways with the ramp out to cover more ground without losing altitude – a great way to do great long drops to get away from crowded places.

3. Don’t hoard your cash

Warzone has a cash economy at its heart. You’ll collect money as you run and earn more for completing contracts (more on these later). Some matches you will hardly find, while in others you will be swimming in the material soon enough. Either way, make sure you don’t keep your cash too long.

In Battle Royale modes, there are no bonuses for holding cash, so it’s really only there for you to use at Buy Stations marked on your map. These allow you to purchase a selection of killstreaks like Precision Airtsrikes and Cluster Strikes, as well as more armor and gear drops. Our advice would be to be proactive in purchasing these rewards; after all, you can’t take the money and a timely UAV could easily win you a shootout.

That said, if your teammates are dying a lot, you might want to keep $ 4,000 to buy them back, just in case they don’t win their redeeming Gulag fight.

4. Load drops are the key

Cash is important, then, but when you access a Buy Station, it may be worth knowing what your priority should be. Like we said, killstreaks can go a long way, but the absolute top priority in your squad should be to have someone purchase a Loadout Drop as soon as possible during each match. These airdrops allow your entire squad to choose one of their personal cargoes to trade in, obtaining their custom weapons and gear.

That’s like putting on a glove in this context, allowing you to get into the rhythm with a load that you are comfortable with, and all the best players use it to dominate. Do the same, if you can!

However, now that Pacific has been released, you can only buy a load of your own once the free ones drop a few minutes on each game. While that may make it seem like buying one is pointless, we still think it’s worth it, to avoid the risk of bumping into other gear in your free box and seize the opportunity for an uneventful airdrop.

In terms of your own equipment, while you can obviously also feel free to experiment with the benefits, we highly recommend running Ghost by default, which will hide it from UAVs and heartbeat monitors. It’s pretty much a mandatory choice unless you want an Overkill class to get two of your favorite weapons at once.

5. Choose contracts whenever you can

However, if you’re bummed by the $ 10,000 price tag of a cargo drop, there are some great ways to earn cash and loot as you move around the map: contracts. These are marked for you and divided into several types: Rewards (and Big Game Rewards), Scavenger, Recognition, Most Wanted, Supply Drop, Supply Run, and [TOP SECRET].

Bounties mark a player on the map for you, within a radius that gets smaller as you get closer to him, giving you a set amount of time to locate and kill him, and reward you if he dies. It is useful that if you take a reward and someone else kills that player, you will still get a lesser reward. There’s no downside to picking one of these – it’ll tell you where a player is, and you’ll get XP just for starting it. A Big Game Bounty can only be chosen once per game, and target whoever in the lobby has the most kills for bigger rewards.

The contracts Scavenger mark a succession of three boxes of loot to find them and open them with a solid booty in them and a cash reward when you finish the set. You’ll also get a guaranteed drop from an Armor Satchel when you finish it, allowing a player to have up to 8 plates. Again, these are not dumb, although they are very popular targets at the start of matches.

The recons , meanwhile, point you towards a capture point for you to block, and it may feel a bit more risky. They require you to stand still for a while, sometimes outdoors. They will tell you where the circle will close next, however, as a great tactical benefit, and they are a favorite of seasoned players, and you can accumulate that information if you move quickly.

Most Wanted is a double-edged sword. You’re marked as a target for everyone on the map, for three minutes, but if you survive that time limit, not only do you get a cash reward, but any dead teammates are instantly back in the game, whether they are in the gulag. . or spectators.

Supply Drop falls from the air into a valuable supply crate and tells your team exactly where it will land, while anyone else in the lobby can see it enter and attempt to intercept without that guidance.

Supply Run gives you a limited time to reach a specifically marked Buy Station. Arrive on time and you’ll enjoy personal discounts on your next purchase (including a free auto-revitalization or buyback kit) to give you a head start in the future.

Lastly, [TOP SECRET] offers you a random contract with an enhanced reward to compensate for the lottery you are participating in.

The bottom line, though, is that these contracts are not only good for loot and money, but they also give you a short-term goal to aim for and are a great way to make a combination feel more structured and less. as guesses. Frankly, blowing up in a game where you fulfilled a couple of contracts is more fun than hiding in one place for 20 minutes and then dying.

6. Share your resources

We keep mentioning squads, and while you can play Warzone in Solos mode, the goal clearly remains for most players to join a squad in the main Battle Royale mode. Therefore, we encourage you to think tactically as a squad. If you’re sitting in full armor and five spare plates, while your squadmates have run out of anything, drop some plates for them to collect.

The same goes for cash and ammunition: it often happens that only by pooling your cash can you buy a charge marker, for example. This will encourage more disinterested play in the long run.

7. Ping everything

Like every other battle royale game since Apex Legends came out, Warzone has a ping system that allows you to communicate with your squads. It allows you to show them what you are looking at or where you are pointing. This is an easy tip, but use it all the time, whenever you can, and associate it with a button that you are comfortable with to make it easier. The more information you share, the further your squad will go.

8. Get creative with the team

There are also a variety of field teams that you can find around the map as you go, who can help you in a pinch. Whether it’s a little drop-down cover to block an enemy’s line of sight, the Dead Silence field upgrade to calm them down during a spell, or more, there are plenty of ways this can help.

A fun tactic that was quickly discovered has to do with the field drone you can find. If you’re using the drone and a teammate has C4 equipped, they can actually drop the C4 on the drone to turn it into a miniaturized mobile bomb (although this won’t work in Vanguard Royale, where gear isn’t available).

9. Explode the Gulag

One of the most refreshing parts of Warzone is that death doesn’t have to be the end at all. First of all, unless you die near the end of the game, after your first death you will be sent to the Gulag, a mine shaft of a prison where you will wait for a one-on-one shootout to gain re-entry to the battlefield. Even if you lose, your squad can buy it back if they have the money.

However, if two of you go to the Gulag at the same time, you could help each other. Often our teammate has been able to call us while they were watching our shootout, helping us win and then get back in the game. Take advantage of all the benefits you can get!

10. Play Plunder or Resurgence to change the beat

Of course, Warzone isn’t just a battle royale, there’s also Plunder, a mode that sees you whizzing around the map looking for cash and cash only, before dispatching you to designated points. It’s much more chaotic and frenetic than Battle Royale, especially since respawns are enabled and there’s no gas circle to worry about.

If you want a change from the biting tension of battle royale rounds, it’s a great option to switch over, and you may even find that you prefer it. It’s particularly good for leveling up your weapons – enter Plunder with a live dual-weapon XP token, and focus on vehicle supply races and you’ll quickly go through the leaderboards.

Alternatively, Season 1 saw the addition of a second smaller map, Rebirth Island, inspired by Alcatraz. It’s a frenetic game map that packs the action into a much less expansive space, and it’s another great option if you want to change your pace. He will be returning to Warzone Pacific soon.

11. Vary the size of your team

Since launch, there have already been a lot of playlist changes in Warzone – we have a Solos mode, if you fancy taking the map on your own, and the launch of Season 3 (original) saw the addition of Quads, increasing the size your squad to four. That’s perfect if you always exclude a teammate to get past a three-man squad.

However, if you don’t have four people and you don’t want a random team, you can always change the Squad Fill settings to make sure it’s just your friends and take a chance with a smaller squad. It’s a downside to be sure, but it can be fun to see how his tactics have to change under pressure.

12. Stick to Vanguard Royale for simpler games

With the release of Pacific, Warzone had a problem in the form of countless weapons in three games to integrate. While the main Battle Royale mode allows you to use any combination of these to your liking, we think many players may prefer Vanguard Royale.

This mode limits the pool of weapons and equipment to Vanguard, and feels like the most balanced and optimized option at the moment, in our opinion. You can see the full differences in the equipment options below.

weapons and equipment to Vanguard

It’s a big list, but the real difference is in the weapons, and Vanguard Royale will make you learn the set of weapons faster and on a more level playing field; Give it a try if the other modes are putting pressure on you.

13. Watch for flares

You may not have realized it, but there are two situations in Warzone that send a signal flash to the sky for nearby players to see. One is starting to capture a Recon contract point, which sends out a white flare, while the other is buying a squadmate, who sends out a red flare.

Watch for these signals as you move across the map, and you could get a team to camp at a capture point or wait for an unlooted squadmate to return to the fray.

14. Vary where it falls

It’s tempting and easy to find a couple of spots on the map where you love to drop, either because they’re usually isolated or laden with loot, but fight the temptation to go back to them too often. You will improve faster and learn the map much faster if you change your drop points and occasionally look for places that you know will be more crowded. It will also change the pace of your gaming session, which we think is a good thing.

15. Beware of the gas mask

When entering the endgame of a match, a popular and powerful tactic is to hug the outer edge of the gas ring when it closes, eliminating fleeing targets and staying slightly ahead of it. This basically requires you to have a gas mask, so you take less risk yourself, but be aware that the mask on and off animations can be disturbing (although the Pacific release made this not a problem) .

The first time it happens to you, it will ruin your day, but if your character puts on and takes off the mask it can interrupt your shot and reduce it to a useless hip shot for a couple of seconds at key moments, so be sure to plan for that. . It’s not necessarily something you can reliably control, but if you learn to expect the interruption, you will at least stop being so upset about it.

16. Beware of match events

Season 4 (i.e. the first season 4, not the Cold War equivalent) was released in the past to complain about file sizes around the world, with its main initial addition coming in the form of events within. of the party. These are now more common than ever and can happen randomly during any match. There are several types:

  • Jailbreak: Everyone who has been eliminated respawn via airdrop, whether they have lost in the Gulag or are waiting for a fight.
  • Sale: Buying Stations are suddenly getting huge discounts on many items, and re-buying downed squadmates is free for 60 seconds.
  • Supply Chopper – Armored helicopters will patrol the map. Destroying them will drop rare loot, including three UAVS, two armor crates and ammo crates, a gas mask, a grenade launcher, and some cash, at the very least.
  • Resupply: All supply crates will return to being unopened, allowing you to loot again.
  • Resurgence: For a short period of time, players will respawn after a countdown as long as a teammate is alive.
  • Cash Drop – Cash airdrops will land around the map.
  • Heavy Weapon Crate: Weapon Crates with rare weaponry will drop on the map.
  • Juggernaut – A pair of Juggernaut outfits will drop onto the map for players to claim.

These events can change the game, so if they happen in a match, be sure to adjust your tactics accordingly and watch the skies! However, not all of them occur in all modes, and Vanguard Royale sees more frequent events from a limited pool of options.

17. Don’t lose hope

It may sound a bit trite, but we mean it. Whether you’ve never won a game or haven’t won it for weeks, keep playing sensibly and making tactical decisions and victories will come at some point. Nor will they always happen as you think: we always remember a game in Verdansk, after a losing streak. We died early, traversing the Gulag without any opponents after an anxious two-minute wait, dropping near the final circle with no weapon, and hiding for five minutes before sneaking in, grabbing a single submachine gun, and firing three shots to finish the last one. standing player, who didn’t even see us.

One death, a lot of stress, and a huge chunk of fortune, and we’re back in the winning city. Warzone is a game of skill mixed with lots of luck and situational awareness, so don’t be put off if you’re on a losing streak, basically.

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