Free Fire has always been packed with exciting events featuring tons of mind-blowing cosmetics, which have always attracted players. With the recent collaboration, there have been a host of new events, some of which offer gifts, while others require the use of diamonds.

A new event that has made its way into the game is Winter Wish, featuring various exclusive cosmetics and skins such as M1887 Winterlands 2020, Black Turtleneck, Gloo Wall – Winterlands 2020, and more. Therefore, it is the right opportunity for players who were unable to obtain the themed items last time.

Free Fire: Winter Wish event date, prize pool and steps to get the rewards

The Winter Wish event began on December 9, 2021 and will run until December 15, 2021. Players will have to spend diamonds to claim the rewards. Just one of these will require 20 diamonds, and a 10 + 1 pack will send users back by 200 diamonds.

Additionally, unique items that users own or have obtained will be removed from the group. Thus, the overall prospects of winning the 2020 M1887 Winterlands Grand Prize, Black Turtleneck and Glacier Devil Bundle will increase.

Prize pool

unique prizes free fire event

There are two types of prizes: unique and normal. The only ones are part of:

  • M1887 Winterlands 2020
  • Black turtleneck
  • Glacier Devil’s Pack
  • Hunter pack
  • Gloo Wall – Winterlands 2020
  • Emote Shimmy
  • Party dance emoticon
  • Pet Skin: Polar Panda
  • Snowman companion
  • Granada – Yeti Buddy
  • Winter delight
  • Winterland Snowboard
  • Reno express
  • Evil snowman
  • Elder’s Parachute
  • Holiday seasons (top)
  • Holiday seasons (below)
  • Snow day (top)
  • Snow day (bottom)
  • Polar bear portrait
  • Lucky gift portrait
  • Winter joy
  • Winter bliss
  • Yes sir?
  • Snowy day
  • Winter candies
  • Winterland Party 2019
  • Winterland 2019 Celebration

However, there are a host of other normal rewards, including cargo items, weapon crates, and shards that users can earn as well.

Steps to get the rewards

Step 1: First, you need to open the Winter Wish interface in Free Fire

Make the required number of wishes

Step 2: You can then make the desired number of wishes until you receive the rewards.

Since you are not guaranteed to get a certain item in a certain number of spins, some may get the themed rewards on a few hundred diamonds, while others may require thousands.

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