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The Best Meta Weapons on Vanguard | Tier List Call of Duty Vanguard

What are the best weapons in CoD Vanguard meta ? Discover our Tier list and the best classes to chain victories.

Call of Duty: Vanguard offers players a new and reimagined WWII experience. As of November 5, 2021, the new installment from Activision and Sledgehammer Games is available on all PlayStation, XBOX and PC platforms.

There are many weapons available on Vanguard. From assault rifles to SMGs and sniper rifles, the new CoD has a full arsenal. If you add to that 10 different accessory slots to equip on a weapon with 70 levels to reach to unlock them all, it is a real puzzle that awaits the players.

Like every year, some weapons stand out and take advantage of the meta. In order to maximize your performance in Multiplayer mode, it is in your interest to optimize your arsenal. Check out our tier list of the best weapons in Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Tier list of the best CoD Vanguard weapons

Tier S Automata , MP-40 ,  STG44
Tier A BAR , Combat shotgun ,  G-43 , Kar98k , M1928 , Type 100
Tier B DP27 , Barrel Einhorn , 3-line rifle , Automatic Gracey ,  NZ-41 , Owen , Sten , Volk
Tier C Itra Burst, M1 Garand, MG42, PPSH-41
Tier D AS44, Double canon, Type 11, Type 99
Tier E Bren , SVT-40

Tier S

Tier S brings together the best CoD Vanguard weapons that currently dominate the game’s meta. You hear about it all the time on social media and you’re waiting for a nerf from the developers. However, if you want to win at all costs, your choice should fall on this category.


Here is a real assault rifle effective at long range. The Automaton has a low recoil which allows the weapon to be stable and precise.


The  Maschinenpistole 40 better known under the name MP-40 is a formidable automatic submachine gun. Efficient and light, the SMG has everything you need to have fun with CoD Vanguard.


The STG44 is a balanced assault rifle capable of being used in almost any situation. The AR has good maneuverability as well as an excellent rate of fire and monstrous damage.

Tier A

In Tier A you will find powerful weapons that will be great options for your arsenal. With the right accessories, some rifles rival the best choices in the game.


The US Army’s semi-automatic assault rifle during WWII, the BAR proves to be a devastating weapon on Vanguard.

Combat shotgun

The combat shotgun is the most powerful in its class. Very good range and precision.


It is the fastest tactical rifle in its class in CoD Vanguard. The G-43 semi-automatic rifle has a high rate of fire as well as good accuracy.


Are you a sniper rifle enthusiast? The Kar98k will be made for you! Its shooting speed and precision make it easy to chain eliminations in Multiplayer.


The name M1928 may not be familiar to you, but it is indeed the Thompson with its famous “camembert” charger. With this automatic SMG, you will not run out of ammo to wipe out all the opponents on the map.

Type 100

The “Type” family is very large. In CoD Vanguard we have the Type 100, an excellent medium range Japanese submachine gun that is very mobile.

Tier B

Effective and sometimes underestimated, Tier B weapons reveal great choices to use on CoD Vanguard’s multi.


The DP27 submachine gun deals good damage but lacks fluidity. It can be corrected with certain accessories.

Barrel Einhorn

The barrel shotgun has a very interesting rate of fire which is its main strength. However, it risks making several “hitmarkers” during your games. Rather long recharge time.

3-line rifle

With this single shot sniper rifle, you should normally get the “One bullet, one dead” medal. However, the 3-line rifle benefits from a lower rate of fire than other guns in its class.

Automatic gracey

For close quarters combat, this semi-automatic pump shotgun is a valuable choice. Its rate of fire allows it to quickly chain if there are several enemies in the same place.


The NZ-41 assault rifle provides good firepower in close quarters combat. It lacks precision at long range because of a very present recoil.


The Owen is an automatic SMG with very good precision. Its basic charger spoils the view of your screen a bit …


The Sten is a British CoD Vanguard submachine gun. It has the best rate of fire in its class!


If you are looking for an easily maneuverable and efficient close range assault rifle, the Volkssturmgewehr is definitely your choice . This automatic rifle has very good assets.

Tier C

We enter the soft underbelly of this CoD Vanguard tier list. We find in Tier C weapons that are little used by the community because they are less powerful than the steadfast meta. A few nuggets may be hiding here …

Itra Burst

The Itra Burst is another semi-automatic assault rifle that offers excellent damage at medium and long range.

M1 Garand

The M1 Garand is a well-known and beloved semi-automatic tactical rifle among license fans. Less effective on Vanguard, it is always pleasant to empty your magazine on enemies until you hear the famous “PING”.


Machine gun with an impressive magazine of more than 100 ammunition. The MG-42 is formidable on Vanguard thanks to its power. Automatic fire.


The return of the PPSH-41 in CoD Vanguard must delight some fans. Its firepower combined with an indecent rate of fire makes the PPSH a formidable weapon in multiplayer.

Tier D

For weapons to be considered excellent, others must be considered weak. Unless you have a huge affinity for one of the options in this Tier D, you better go your way.


Soviet assault rifle ideal for short and medium range combat. The weapon can compete with SMGs thanks to the very fast automatic fire. A slight resemblance to the famous AK-47.

Double canon

The Double Barrel is the special pump shotgun in its class. With only 2 rounds, it is super efficient at very close range.

Type 11

All “Type” weapons come from the Imperial Japanese Army. The Type 11 is a light automatic machine gun with good maneuverability to move around maps more easily.

Type 99

The Type 99 is a bolt action sniper rifle. Mobile and easy to handle, it allows you to move around quickly. Less power than its cronies, it is effective at the level of the upper torso.

Tier E

Here is Tier E where no weapon would like to have their name displayed in this list. Last in the rankings, these weapons are so weak that players wonder if they really fire live ammunition… Multiplayer dunces you said?


A CoD Vanguard heavy machine gun, the Bren does massive damage but requires some accessories to compensate for its high recoil.


The SVT-40 is a semi-automatic tactical rifle from CoD Vanguard. Its large caliber gives it formidable firepower. Unfortunately, its low rate of fire and high recoil are big penalties for the weapon.

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This article is regularly updated, as the notes patches and new classes come to evolve the meta.

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