The starting shot for Season 4 of Call of Duty Warzone was only recently fired, which was associated with the release of an extensive update.

In addition to numerous innovations and interesting features, however, some inconsistencies or puzzling things have crept into the Battle Royale shooter. This includes, for example, a door that kills players immediately if touched.

You read that right: There are increasing reports from players who have had such a fatal encounter with a certain door in Call of Duty Warzone to report. This can be found in a large salt mine inside a large building.

At first glance, the door looks as inconspicuous as it is harmless. However, if you get too close, your life meter will instantly drop to zero, causing you to die of sudden screen death. Sometimes it is not even necessary to touch the door – the deadly effect also occurs from a certain distance.

All of this can also be seen in several videos that numerous players have published as “evidence”.

The whole matter, of course, is as mysterious as it is annoying. Especially since it has not yet been clarified whether it is actually “just” an annoying bug or whether there is more to it.

Some players are already speculating whether this could possibly be related to the red doors that have recently appeared in Call of Duty Warzone and appear to belong to some kind of fast travel system.

In any case, the developers have not yet issued a statement. Have you already made the acquaintance of the “deadly door”? Tell us about it in the comments!

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