• Colors not only reflect style and fashion, but also the energy we project into the world and what we want to attract from it, that’s why we tell you what shades to wear in the fall to attract prosperity

Autumn is about to begin, exactly on September 23, once the second equinox of the year 2022 occurs (the first one happened on March 20 and marked the beginning of spring) and we will start a new season that, like every season, it has its own climate.

The one that we will receive soon will be cooler and will give us the opportunity to renew our style. Feng Shui recommends what colors to use in the coming weeks if what we want is to attract prosperity.

This ancient system that tells us how to take advantage of spaces correctly and harmoniously tells us that colors have an energetic vibration that can help us project what we want, but also serve as a magnet to attract what we want most in this world.

Whatever being prosperous means to you, the range of colors we outline below for you will help you get what you want in love, money, home and family.

Yellow or gold

Yellow and gold are associated with abundance as they are linked to the sun and the day, as WeMystic explained in an article. If you use them, they will help you to have clarity of thought and be more intelligent when trying to achieve your goals.


Orange or orange is one of the most common shades in the fall. Use it to be more productive and gain more ability to focus.


Like orange, brown is another of the most popular colors in this season of the year. In addition to evoking nature, it represents balance and security.


This tone is one of the most careful to be taken when dressing. According to Feng Shui, in certain environments it can be aggressive because it is associated with passion, so you should use it when you feel exhausted.


White is a neutral color that suits any occasion. It symbolizes purity and delicacy, but it also has the energy of new beginnings. Use this tone if you are going to start a personal project this fall.


It is another of the colors that we must be careful to use. It is associated with endings, closures and darkness, but positively it denotes elegance, sophistication and prestige. Wear it if you need to project power this fall.

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