The 2023 manicure trends are quite clear: on the one hand, minimalist and classic nails will continue, as well as the French mini version; and on the other, more extravagant designs such as those formed by ‘glitter’ will persist. In addition, we will rescue certain styles that hit hard during 2022, but that will do so even more in the coming months, and by this we mean the one known as pearly manicure or also ‘glazed nails’, a pearly paint that was widely seen during the 1990s. the 80s and that the model Hailey Bieber made fashionable last year. It’s a very subtle version with some sparkle that simulates the icing on a donut and adds elegance to any hand that holds it.

However, despite white being the most predominant color in ‘glazed’ nails, the current trend is to go pink, or rather, pale pink. The pearl manicure is mostly seen on almond-shaped nails –another of the great trends at the moment–, but you can wear them the way you like best:

As you can see, the shine they provide –after applying a layer of powder on top of a normal nail polish– and how good the light pink color feels on any type of skin is brutal.

viral trends of 2023


Pearly nails, which have been with us for so long, will leave their mark in 2023 due to their simplicity, sophistication and elegance. Why don’t you dare to make an appointment at one of the best nail salons to delve into their territory? We warn you though: you may not be able to escape them.

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