Get to know the makeup that celebrities are wearing this 2023.

Makeup trends are notorious because suddenly all the celebrities wear them and leave us shocked at the awards shows they attend for their fabulous looks. One of the fashion trends that has recently gone viral is soft grunge makeup. We tell you what it is, what are the keys to do it and which celebrities are already following this trend.

Soft grunge makeup

Soft grunge makeup

What is soft grunge makeup?

This makeup trend is a bold and youthful style. It is perfect for everyday wear and you can even wear it to the office or social engagements. What stands out about this makeup is the softness, but at the same time its mysterious side. It is a look that highlights the eyes and gives full lips.

Something important is that although it is a makeup that is contrary to the glamorous, it does not fall into the box of being completely dark, so the colors are brown or soft reds, but never black.

What are the keys to good soft grunge makeup?

If you want your face to look pretty and your eyes to look stunning, this trend will be one of your favorites. To do it you only need to follow 3 key steps that we will share with you.

Step #1

Dark circles
Makeup on dark circles under the eyes is important. Far from hiding your dark circles, show them off. If you’ve had a good rest, you can gently sweep a red shadow to simulate the effect.

Point #2

The eyes are the most striking part of the soft grunge look and that’s why the eyes must be impeccable. Don’t forget to apply mascara and a cat eye or smoky eyeliner.

Point #3

A lipstick that thickens your lips is ideal for this makeup. Dare to use terra colors or soft reds. Ready to give it a try?

Which celebs love soft grunge makeup?

Jenna Ortega
One of the celebs who already wears this look and looks great is Jenna Ortega. Without a doubt, this trend is totally her forte and she looks fantastic.

Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega

Camila Cabello
The singer also gave this style a try and she did it phenomenally. She combined dark shades for a deeper look.

Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello

Ready to join this trend in the makeup world? Recreate soft grunge and look stunning and fabulous.

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