• It is the most acclaimed basic garment and Georgina has known how to give it a touch of distinction with accessories.

Every season, the fashion trends that arrive give us authentic wonders, but there are certain garments that, regardless of the season of the year we go through, will always serve as a wardrobe staple. The only thing we will have to take into account is how to combine them. Surely your favorite jeans and the white shirt that best suits you have also passed through your mind. But when it comes to attending a slightly more formal site, we also know what will be the protagonist of the ‘look’: a black dress.

Who has this very internalized basic is Georgina Rodríguez. The one from Jaca has just published a ‘post’ on Instagram where she has shown her almost 40 million followers how to complement a black dress so that it is a pure trend this fall (and it is easier than you think): long satin gold blouse and tall white boots

Although it is true that Georgina’s dress is somewhat special and not as basic as what we are used to, since it has a ‘cut out’ at the neckline and is strapless, but it is perfect if what you are looking for is a touch of distinction within simplicity.

Knowing how Georgina Rodríguez spends it (literally) when it comes to dressing, it is more than likely that her black dress is not within the reach of all our pockets. But… what are our favorite clothing stores for? Well, to please us for very little money. At Zara, without going any further, there is a clone of Georgina’s dress in which you will only find one difference: she has a double ‘cut out’ on her chest, while the businesswoman’s only has one. sign it!

You see it? They are almost identical and the best: for very little money. Zara has it available in all sizes for 22.95 euros.

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