‘They put my gut in my ass’: Eduardo Navarrete (‘El Hormiguero’) isn’t shy when he talks about his retouching

‘They put my gut in my ass’: Eduardo Navarrete (‘El Hormiguero’) isn’t shy when he talks about his retouching

The Antenna 3 program the anthill received an amateur guest at the Espace Pablo Motos on Wednesday evening. He designer Eduardo Navarrete went to the ant plateau without mincing words and dealt with the most personal subjects such as his facet as drag queenthe price of your aesthetic operations, your next fashion show…

But, Who is Eduardo Navarrete? For those who do not know him, he is a young designer making his debut in the fashion industry and whom we were able to meet thanks to his participation in the first edition of the television competition Sewing masters.

Shortly after, thanks to his charisma and his spontaneity, we could see him rehearsing in another talent showIn Celebrity Master Chef. He was, in fact, one of the directors of two other companions, Terelu Campos and Verónica Forqué, before the death of the actress.

Also, just a few months ago, the young seamstress’ physical change after undergoing liposculpture went viral. Along with an image of him on the beach, the man from Alicante proudly showed off his result: “Taking my shirt off was a move that terrified me and now I do it happily and whenever I can.”

Eduardo Navarrete: “He had mutated, he looked like Moby Dick”

The designer has never hidden his aesthetic operations and this is precisely one of the main questions he has addressed at the discussion table. The anthill. When Pablo Motos wanted to know the exact number of edits madereplied the young man naturally.

“Eyes, bichetomy, lifting neck and hence the whole body. My face is a work that is constantly remodeling and there is always something to do“, he explained amused.

Likewise, the presenter was interested in another of Eduardo Navarrete’s operations; intragrastic balloon. “The pandemic passed and it had mutated, it looked like Moby Dick. I put the ball on, I lost 10 kilos, but I wanted to have a body like that.”

He also spoke about his bad experience when he increased the volume of his lips at 19 years old: “I pricked myself at a lady’s… they poured me like a spray can of hairspray to prick me, huge, and c was the first of many others, I do it because I like it and in a natural way.”

It’s the best thing I’ve ever done because now I’m starting from zero.”

But the funny seamstress did not want to leave it in an explanation and took the opportunity to show off her type: “I have little shame.” “It’s bought,” Navarrete pointed out, pointing to his abs: “They put my belly in my ass”.

“I would do it again a thousand times”

In addition, the designer made a whole “call” so that whoever wanted to do some alterations, do it well and with professionals so as not to fall, as he himself suggested, into the Leticia Sabater’s abs mistake.

I saw myself sleeping on my stomach for a month, blood pouring from all parts of my body. My friend had to get me up because I couldn’t move… But my doctor changed my life and I would do it again a thousand times […] and it’s the best thing I’ve done because now I’ve started from scratch,” Navarrete said.

“They put my clinic wall to wall with my office”, underlined the designer. “Normal, you are his best customer,” replied Pablo Motos with humor.

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