A few months ago it went on sale The Last of Us: Part One which was yet another remake of the game originally released in 2013 for PlayStation 3.

However, graphically it is amazing and relive this beautiful story who started this saga is a real treat. You could say that It’s even a perfect game if you stop to think about it, because not much bad can be said about it.

However, The Last of Us: Part One It’s a game that has sold a lot, so there are a lot of players who enjoy it. Therefore, there is also more eyes than ever on the title and it even does there are people who see inconsistencies in the most perfect game.

Today I’m going to talk about one that seems to be taken from a joke, but many think it’s on purpose. Let’s see what you think of all this!

Glitch in the plot of The Last of Us: Part I?

This happened Reddit who echoed this detail that does not seem to make sense in the plot of the first The last of us. And before going into details, it is better to look at the image:

  • Well indeed, They found the wake of an airplane in game
  • It wouldn’t make sense at first, since civilization as it was known collapsed 20 years ago
  • What happens is that The last of us It’s such a meticulous saga that many don’t believe that The naughty dog This error could have slipped
  • That’s why they started find another meaning:
    • Some say that It could be a FEDRA military plane doing reconnaissance
    • But others say A wake like this is only left by commercial aircraft
    • They also say that it is a visual object that has been reused since Uncharted 4 For The Last of Us: Part One but it does not specify if it is done on purpose or if it slipped

The fact is that This gave a lot to say on Reddit, especially for that, because ELEPHANT It’s a very well maintained game and it’s a rather curious bug for which a developer had to be aware that he was adding the drag of an airplane in a game whose plot doesn’t make sense that there have one. What do you think?

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