The last of us It’s the series of the year, and we’re only two months away from 2023. Not only is it the best video game adaptation I can remember (courtesy Arcane, which was a much freer series); It also earned the right to become one of the great television productions in history.all thanks to the good work of Neil Druckman there Craig Mazan as showrunners, yeah the wonderful performance of Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal as Ellie and Joel.

After five episodes, The Last of Us season two is already on the horizonand finally we have some interesting details about its creation process. Bella Ramsey couldn’t keep quiet and released more than promising statements on the status of this new batch of chapters.

Season 2 of The Last of Us is already underway

The interview that Bella Ramsey granted to GQ magazine It’s very long, but there is a very interesting part about the creation process of The Last of Us season 2:

  • It was great to hear them talk about the ideas they had, I saw a lot of the second game out of curiosity and it will probably follow the story of The Last of Us: Part 2“.
  • With these words we know that Bella Ramsey played an active role of the creative process in second season of The Last of Us.
  • Plus, what we all knew (or guessed) is confirmed: The Last of Us will continue its second season by adapting the events of the second part of the video game.
Ellie is the true soul of The Last of Us

When does The Last of Us season 2 air?

There is no scheduled release date for The Last of Us season 2, but everything indicates that it will arrive in 2024 (probably during the second half of the year given the difficulty of filming the first season).

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