Myke towers surprised his fans in mid-January with the release of his new EP Bittersweetwith which he presented three new songs suitable for any lover of urban music.

El Joseo, Los Angeles there Model and flow They came with different sounds to become the soundtrack of the millions of followers that the artist gathers. Also. Now the music video for the second has emerged, which is about being completely in love with a girl.

Directed by André René, the music video shows Myke driving in a car through the streets of Los Angeles, joining the images of a girl smoking in her house. They both meet and enjoy their time together, valuing every second life gives them. The video ends with a message Towers receives from the girl asking when they will meet again to rehearse what has been a good plan for her.

Within hours, the video clip of Angels It has surpassed half a million views. A number that we are sure will continue to increase as the minutes go by.

Myke Towers aims to be the star of every party. Lately, he launched multiple collaborations with other artists who were quick to sneak into the playlists of his millions of fans. He is sleeping with Papa Yankee, Whiskey and Coco with Justin Quiles and english beach with Quevedo are examples.

And you, have you ever heard of it? Bittersweet? What’s your favorite song?

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