EarthGang has requested the return of a lost hard drive containing new music.

The hard drive went missing in Los Angeles last weekend, where the rapping duo were attending the Grammys at the Arena.

They took to Twitter and later Instagram to demand the return of the unit. “This black bag was last seen in LA over Grammy weekend,” EarthGang wrote. “Inside were our records with our latest music. RT!!!

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EarthGang spent the latter part of 2022 touring with the Gorillaz, opening up a series of concerts for them across North America.

At the beginning of this year, they release a new album, “Ghetto Gods”. In a four-star review of the album, NME wrote, “(Previous Album) ‘Mirrorland’ may have offered more of a reflection on EarthGang’s personal life, but with album two it’s almost as if the duo were holding a mirror in Atlanta. Embracing the same sounds that grew them to their rise, the ‘Ghetto Gods’ should usher in EarthGang’s rise to stardom.”

Speaking to NME about how they saw their hometown music scene, WowGr8 said, “It’s so ingrained in the culture; my whole life in Atlanta has been hip-hop.

“You can’t tell me nobody else ran hip-hop. You can’t tell me New York ran hip-hop and I know they did: they started it. As a kid I listened to (rapper Bankhead) Kilo Ali. As a kid I listened to (East Point duo) OutKast, so I never thought about it. It’s normal.

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