Anuel AA has dropped the bomb: he is no longer dating Yailin La Más Viral. The urban music star announced, through a live on social media, that the relationship with the singer and influencer has come to an end.

The relationship ended just weeks before Yailin gave birth to the daughter they were expecting together. And it is that the urban artist is seven months pregnant. Come on, nothing like a little baby running through Anuel’s house. Moreover, we already know that she will be called Cataleya.

The interpreter of La Máquina clarified that his romance with the young woman was over. Through a live broadcast in which he performed for the Univisión E program The Fat and the Skinny, the musician opened up on the subject:

“I am expecting Cataleuya, super happy, although my mother and I are no longer together because of the things in life.” The artist continued to talk about the family situation they are facing: “She is pregnant, we could live under the same roof to start a family, but for the things of life we ​​are not together.”

He doesn’t want to make a separation circus

Anuel AA assures that he will not make “a circus” of this separation. Additionally, he describes what is already his ex as a “good-hearted” person. The singer assured that he would continue to support the career of his daughter’s mother and that he did not want anyone to judge her: “You should not judge people without knowing them. Support her, because she works and she’s the mother of my daughter. Either way, she’s my family and always will be.”

“She is going to be a mother now, a fighter, alone, when she was little. I am no longer with her, but she is still the mother of my daughter”, he ended up saying.

A year and a half relationship

The relationship between Anuel AA and Yailín La Más Viral lasted a year. The couple started dating in 2021, but it was in January 2022 that they confirmed their relationship via Instagram. Months later, they announced they were expecting a baby. An intense relationship that has left us with many images.

Although Anuel has not spoken further, we do not know if there will be a possibility of reconciliation. Everything is possible.

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