Sports anime has had a lot of success lately with series like Yuri!!! ¡ On the ice, Kuroko’s Basketball and free! Iwatobi Swim Club, and even in video game adaptations like Captain Tsubasa, the soccer anime. While there have been plenty of anime released about popular sports like basketball and soccer, and even more specialized sports, there are plenty of misfit sports manga, and some sports anime that could use a reboot.

From international competitions to team battles to single-player sports domination, a new sports anime could explore a multitude of scenarios. These shows could also choose to focus on a more realistic take on the sport or give it the full anime treatment and elevate it to over the top, wacky levels of action, excitement, and spectacle. Whatever the approach, there are plenty of sports worth exploring through anime.

10 Drone racing is a new kind of competition

Drones have gone from recreational toys to legit technology and even to the point of having racing leagues. Drones can be operated remotely and with incredible skill, negotiating tight turns and tight spaces inside and outside the home. Games like Judgment even include drone racing mini-games, so the popularity is there for an anime to explore.

An anime could take the drone and elevate it beyond its true potential, even introducing supernatural elements. If a spinning top can succeed in an anime like Beyblade, remote-controlled flying machines have a lot of potential.

9 The candle would cause a stir 10 deportes que necesitan su propio anime 1

Sailing is a recreational sport that can get quite intense, with teams racing in open water from start to finish. The waters can be choppy with high-speed winds, forcing team members to react and trim sails and balance their boat to avoid capsizing.

The sport of sailing has plenty of action, danger, and potential drama between teammates or even just rival sailors, and an anime that makes the most of it, along with epic stormy seas, could find success. Because he’s in the water.

8 Bowling can be very competitive 10 deportes que necesitan su propio anime 2

If the crash of a rolling ball in the lane and the crash of knocked down pins don’t catch someone’s attention, maybe an over-the-top animated version will get people excited about bowling. The sport of throwing a three-hole ball down a polished wooden lane in a bowling alley has a good aesthetic and level of competition that would translate into an anime story.

A team-based or solo story could work, especially when the sport is “lively” with wild shots and quirky characters. Although there is a five-pin bowling, the standard ten-pin bowling would give more play. Perhaps even a reference to The Big Lebowski could be included.

7 Bob’s Sled Has High Speeds And Danger 10 deportes que necesitan su propio anime 3

Bobsledding is a fast-paced sport in which teams of two or four men or women, and more recently even a single driver, jump onto a sled and steer it down a long, winding track, looking for the best moment to win. There are hairpin turns and dizzying speeds that lead to ends in milliseconds and sometimes, unfortunately, to dangerous falls.

An anime could explore the intensity of the sport, as well as the camaraderie and team spirit needed to succeed. Whether the anime is true to life or going the quirky route, bobsledding could be a great spectacle and get more people interested in the sport.

6 Curling: tactics, strategy and incredible skill 10 deportes que necesitan su propio anime 4

Curling is a winter sport of strategy and geometry. Although it may seem strange, the game is very popular, especially when the Winter Olympics are held. Teams of four take turns sliding special curling stones over a pebbled ice cap in painted hoops. Having a boulder in the rings, known as the House, gives points at the end of the endgame.

The game lasts for ten endgames. Boulders wrap around the ice cap and can bounce off each other, bouncing to take out the other team’s boulders. An animated version could take full advantage of collisions and angles, making these incredible shots truly epic.

5 Football’s Superbowl Would Be A Massive Spectacle 10 deportes que necesitan su propio anime 5

American football is so popular in North America that it practically has a day of the week, Sunday. The NFL dominates the airwaves on Sundays and the Superbowl, the championship game, is one of the most watched sporting events each year.

Between 2005 and 2008, Eyeshield 21 It was an anime about sports which, although it had some success, faded and there hasn’t been another football anime since. This sport is filled with tactics, injuries, struggle, incredible athleticism and epic rivalries. There are plenty of opportunities for new anime to grab the ball and drive it into the end zone, even trying an over-the-top style instead of ultra-realistic.

4 Ice Hockey Deserves A Proper Adaptation 10 deportes que necesitan su propio anime 6

¡Pure Ore! Proud of Orange premiered in 2021 and was an anime about a high school girl’s hockey team. However, the anime was not well received and barely focused on the actual sport of ice hockey. A proper anime focusing on the skills, rivalries, tenacity, emotion, and competition of real sport could very well do the trick.

International competitions and national hockey leagues, such as the NHL in North America, capture the attention of sports fans during the cold winter months. Matches are thrilling and filled with incredibly skilled goals, plays, saves, and even great punches and fights – all the ingredients of a great sports anime.

3 Short track speed skating is fast and furious 10 deportes que necesitan su propio anime 7

Speed ​​skating is highlighted every four years, during the Olympic Winter Games, but when it is, it draws crowds, especially short track speed skating. If an anime focused on speed skating were to see the light of day, short track would be the discipline of choice.

The skaters race on a small oval rink, performing many turns and passing each other throughout the race without trying to get in the way. Small bumps and pushes can cause big drops and crashes. There are even relay events with teams of skaters competing on the small ice surface. The races are intense and filled with last-minute heroism and disaster, setting the stage for epic stories and rivalries.

2 F1 has drivers, drama and danger 10 deportes que necesitan su propio anime 8

Formula 1: drive to survive is a Netflix show that has gained popularity among automobile fans and other interested parties. The show follows the top drivers on the F1 circuit, showcasing the tactics, personalities, rivalries and epic clashes the racing world has to offer.

anime like midnight money, Initial D and its upcoming sequel series MF Ghost show more of the street racing scene, but a series focusing on one of the more demanding sports would be a welcome addition. F1 has had epic stories throughout its history, and seeing big crashes, epic comebacks and record laps would make for a great anime.

1 Snowboarding has many disciplines to explore 10 deportes que necesitan su propio anime 9

Snowboarding has a wide variety of disciplines that are already exciting in Olympic Games or X-Games competitions. Events such as Half-Pipe and Slopestyle demonstrate the rider’s ability to twist, spin, flip and grab the board to perform incredible tricks, while events such as Snowboard-Cross and Slalom demonstrate speed and dexterity when descending a mountain trail.

An anime that focuses on one of these has great potential to deliver fun characters and great animations, especially when it comes to pulling creative tricks. video games like Tricky SSX they show the ability to perform wild, over-the-top tricks that would definitely work in an anime. Mix-S is an anime that included a snowboarding event during one episode, showing the potential for an entire sports-focused series.

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