Javier is a young Venezuelan who lives in the city of Petah Tikva, in the central district of Israel. And that he went through a terrifying episode with his little daughter, his baby of a few months and his wife, when Suddenly, alarms began to sound announcing missile launches by Hamas terrorist groups at the city.

The incident occurred while the young man was transmitting a video for the Instagram social network, in which he tried to explain the situation that has been going on since last Monday, as a result of the constant attacks by Islamic extremist groups from the Gaza Strip against Israel.

“Twenty minutes ago I heard the alarm and I had to wake up my daughter, carry her, take the newborn child to the stairs with all the neighbors there, we are living that day by day, right now, every moment”, expressed Javier in his live broadcast.

The Venezuelan continued describing that: “We are calm and suddenly (the alarms) sound because they wanted to throw a bomb here. I am withdrawn from the border, because there are those who live near Gaza, which is where (the missiles) fall, as you have no idea”.

Right at that precise moment, when he was detailing that situation, the alarms begin to sound and immediately it is possible to see in the face of the young man his concern, so he takes the phone with one hand to try to catch the sound of the sirens in the middle of the transmission, while he moves inside his house to get to safety with his family.

“Listen, the alarm sounded!” Javier says with a nervous voice, his worried face is evident, he takes a deep breath, exhales with force, as if gathering courage, as he walks to the rooms, when in the background the voice of his little daughter is heard, who comes running to his encounter, before the fear that the noise of the sirens generated in him, and what this could mean.

The young Venezuelan tries to calm the minor, he carries her with one of his arms while he continues recording and they leave the apartment to take cover.

In the images it is possible to observe when Javier’s wife walks out with a quick step, which denotes her nervousness, while in her arms she carries her newborn baby who was asleep.

Outside the house, it is seen how all the neighbors repeat the same action, they leave the houses, try to take shelter, some sit on the stairs, others run towards the ground floor, some look more serene than others, while the alarms continue to sound.

Suddenly a detonation sounds, “It sounded too close to here”, says Javier, as he continues recording and going down the stairs of the building with his daughter in his arms, while his wife does the same with the month-old baby and their pet. All this happened at 2:00 in the morning, Israel time.

“Recording a live show and the alarm sounds where a bomb falls in my city Petah Tikva and my daughter died of fear. The neighbors, all together in anguish. You won’t see this on the news.” The Venezuelan wrote in the post he made on Instagram.

In a subsequent publication, in daylight, Javier showed the damage left by the attack by the terrorist group Hamas, which affected several buildings in the city of Petah Tikva, in which several families with children were forced to abandon their homes. homes because they were affected.

Although the Venezuelan does not indicate in the videos if there were any deaths or injuries, it is possible to appreciate the material losses left by the attack. Shattered homes, burned buildings, charred cars and debris.

As of Thursday, Palestinian terrorists in Gaza have fired about 1,750 rockets at Israel since Monday night, when the conflict escalated significantly after days of unrest in Jerusalem.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported that the figure covers all attacks on the various cities since the escalation of violence began at approximately 18:00 (15:00 GMT) on Monday, when members of the terrorist group Hamas fired rockets into Jerusalem, causing tensions to skyrocket. Extremists from Islamic Jihad, another terrorist faction in Gaza linked to Hamas, are believed to have also participated.

In addition, the Israeli authorities reported that sirens have sounded warning of possible rocket attacks in the south and center of the country, including towns such as Ashkelon, Ashdod, Netiv Ha’asara and Ofakim, among others.

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