The Venezuelan state of Zulia (west) has been affected by power outages due to a failure in a sublacustrine cable located in Lake Maracaibo produced by a barge that was carrying out sanitation work and caused mechanical and electrical damage, reported Tuesday the Minister of Electric Energy, Néstor Reverol.

“Corpoelec (Electric Corporation) is working to normalize the service in Zulia, after a failure in the 230 kV Tablazo-Cuatricentenario sublacustrine cable, located on Lake Maracaibo, caused by a barge that was cleaning up and caused mechanical and electrical damage to one of the cables that it deserves a special splice,” Reverol said on his Twitter account.

Users on social networks have denounced “prolonged” power outages in the region.

On August 18, Reverol reported that the possibility of incorporating more megawatts is being evaluated with the aim of stabilizing the national electricity system.

“Together with our work team, we evaluated the Comprehensive Plan for the Recovery of Transmission Lines and Protections of the SEN (National Electric System), the incorporation of more megawatts for the stabilization of the system and the Maintenance Plan for Electrical Substations,” said the official.

Reverol did not detail how many megawatts would be added to the system or when it is planned to become effective.

At the beginning of August, President Nicolás Maduro set the goal of recovering public services before the end of the year, for which he asked citizens to report failures that occur in their communities and the ministers and state companies that provide them to attend to these reports.

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