About 15 people infected with COVID-19 and admitted to a hospital in central Venezuelan state of Miranda died on Monday, after a blackout registered in the entity and the power plant of the health center did not work, the Monitor Salud union denounced this Tuesday.

“15 patients who were confined in the ICU of the Simón Bolívar Hospital located in Ocumare del Tuy, Miranda state, with a diagnosis of COVID-19 died after the electricity service left and the power plant did not respond,” the union said on Twitter .

As he pointed out, the hospital was affected by the blackout that affected several states due to a problem in an electrical substation and in the midst of the constant electricity failures in the country.

The union criticized that so far no hospital authority has spoken on the matter.

Earlier, the former Venezuelan opposition deputy José Trujillo denounced that at least ten patients who were admitted to the COVID-19 area of ​​a hospital in the central city of Maracay died due to a failure in the oxygen system.

According to the latest report from the Venezuelan Government on COVID-19 infections, there are 376,311 cases in the country, of which 357,339 have recovered.

So far and according to that report, 4,539 people have died in Venezuela due to COVID-19.

These figures offered by the authorities have been questioned by various medical organizations and unions, as well as by the opposition, considering that they are manipulated.

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