Image of the courts on Secundino Alonso street, in Puerto del Rosario

Two civil guards charged with the suicide of a soccer player in court

The agents were in charge of guarding the detainee, Jandía forward Adrián Suárez, when he threw himself out the window after notifying him of his entry into prison.

Adrián Suárez, «Perrote», striker for the Unión Deportiva Jandía and a former young promise of Canarian athletics, died on September 28 when rushing through the central courtyard of the Puerto del Rosario courts, in Fuerteventura. Adrián was arrested on the afternoon of Sunday 27, by the Civil Guard in the town of Morro Jable, in the south of the island, where he resided. He was charged with an alleged theft of money.

This 32-year-old man was initially taken to the police station. However, given his nervous state, he was immediately transferred to a health center, where a doctor prescribed a sedative to control anxiety. A report that appears in the proceedings. He then spent the night in the cell and in the morning he was brought to justice.

Born in Tindaya, Adrián appeared before the Puerto del Rosario guard court and its owner ordered his admission to prison. The hour that elapsed between his statement, the processing of all the papers and the death is what is now being investigated. And for the moment this Thursday the two civil guards who were guarding the man that fateful autumn Monday in the Majorero courts will declare as investigated.

The magistrate wants to know why the agents did not lower the detainee to the dungeon while the prison order was being drawn up . A common protocol to avoid greater evils and whose responsibility lies with the custodians and the investigating body itself, who must ensure at all times the integrity of an appearing person deprived of liberty.

“He got up and ran away”

The time slot that will mark the procedural destination of the agents, who are attributed negligent behavior for failing to do due diligence, was between 2:00 p.m. and 2:44 p.m. At that moment the court official, Sonia A., explained to Adrián what each prison document consisted of and, “in a surprising and unexpected way, he got up and ran into the corridor where the courtroom is located and threw himself through a window overlooking the inner courtyard. ‘ The Jandía striker died practically on the spot and his news caused a great commotion in local sports.

The lawyer for Adrián’s sister, Fernando Pamos de la Hoz, considers that the official’s testimony is key to elucidating the responsibility of the agents. One of whom, apparently, had been absent a few minutes to collect all the documents and prepare the transfer to prison of the detainee.

And the fact is that the version of the employee is not only important for what she saw, but also to know the usual practice in court. Another diligence demanded by the private prosecution consists of verifying whether in the period investigated the agents used their mobile phones, “and were able to distract themselves”, when the athlete decided to jump out the window of the courthouse before entering prison.

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