Apple MagSafe Power Bank for iPhone could be reverse charging compatible

Apple MagSafe Power Bank for iPhone could be reverse charging compatible

MagSafe charging technology opens up new possibilities in terms of accessories for iPhones. The products arrive on the market, the rumors multiply.

By launching its MagSafe wireless charging technology, Apple opens up a new market for props makers. It must be said that the possibilities are almost endless with this fixing system via magnets, and not only for wireless charging. Still, many fans expect more official products. Including a MagSafe external battery for the iPhone.

Apple was working on a MagSafe external battery with reverse wireless charging

Recently there were rumors that among the new accessories that Apple could work on there would be a MagSafe external battery for the iPhone. This would not be really surprising since we have already seen such accessories come onto the market from third-party manufacturers.

According to Jon Prosser, who spoke on the Genius Bar podcast, the official accessory could have a pretty cool option.

Indeed, according to the well-known leakster, it seems that this MagSafe external battery can be compatible with reverse wireless charging. In other words, in theory, not only could it charge your iPhone – which is its primary role – but it could also charge another product that would be placed on it, such as another iPhone or AirPods.

A roundabout way of offering reverse charging on your iPhone?

That being said, Jon Prosser specifies that two versions are already planned for this MagSafe external battery. One of them would remain fairly traditional, able to charge only the iPhone, while the other would be “premium”, equipped with reverse charging.

Our man also specifies that, according to his source, it is not guaranteed that Apple markets these two versions. Only one could see the light of day.

What’s interesting here is that a few weeks ago there was a rumor that reverse wireless charging wouldn’t be integrated into the iPhone for a long time. This rumor around the MagSafe remains compatible with this information but would allow Apple to offer the functionality in a roundabout way.

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