Some objects found a thousand meters deep off the coast of the Spanish Atlantic island of Tenerife could belong to the father of the two girls who disappeared with him on April 27, the security forces reported Tuesday.

The minors, named Olivia, six years old, and Anna, one, disappeared in the Canary Islands after the father did not return them to the mother after a visit.

An oceanographic vessel that is searching the area in search of it found an oxygen bottle and a duvet cover on Monday, which could be the property of the man, called Tomás, who is a fan of underwater fishing, according to the general director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez.

The head of security explained today that the complexity and breadth of the search operation requires the participation of this ship from the Spanish Institute of Oceanography.

He stressed that the ship will continue with the search until at least June 14 in order to try to locate any more evidence.

In this sense, sources from this police force added that, given these findings, the oceanographic vessel, which ended the tracking work today, will continue for at least a week, depending on how the search evolves.

The ship, which has a sonar and an underwater robot, works non-stop during the day and night. Since joining the search for the girls and their father, he has tracked a sea surface of about ten square miles.

The chosen area was agreed upon based on the geopositioning of the missing man’s cell phone on the night of April 27, when he went to sea on two occasions.

In both, he set sail alone, without the company of the daughters, and was seen loading several suitcases and bags that he had brought in his car.

The search was activated when the mother filed a complaint because the father had not delivered the girls at the agreed time and the alarms went off after the woman received a call from her ex-partner advising her that she would not see them or him again.

The next day, the man’s boat was found empty, adrift and without anchor in front of Puertito de Güímar (Tenerife). A child restraint chair used by Anna was found floating nearby.

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