On the night of June 8, a strong accident on the highway rocked in northern Mexico, as a passenger truck apparently went off the road after mechanical failures.

A truck overturned while driving in Playas de Rosarito, a municipality in the State of Baja California and the head of the town of Rosarito. So far, several injuries have been reported, including deaths.

Through social networks it was disclosed that the passenger bus accident took place at the junction Boulevard 2000 and Popotla, where 20 serious injuries were reported.

According to the first reports, local media reported that there are a total of seven deaths also, same that occurred at the scene at the time of the incident.

The authorities immediately rushed to the area. Firefighters arrived at the site with smoke eaters, rescue units, as well as an ambulance for transfer work.

According to information from Telemundo, rescue work began, because inside the bus approximately 50 people were traveling, and several were completely trapped.

FILE - Closure of a street in Mexico City in which a dead child was found. The civil organization Red por los Derechos de la Infancia en México (Redim) estimated in 2011 that there were some 30,000 minors in the service of cartels in Mexico. Photo: Jair Cabrera Torres / dpa

In addition, the authorities confirmed the deaths, while six more people were listed as red, five more as yellow, and approximately 23 as green.

Supposedly it would be Hyundai factory workers want were transferred aboard the bus, although so far their identities have not been confirmed.

“#TomePrecauciones in #BajaCalifornia after partial closure by accident at km 034 + 000 highway (2650) Tijuana-Ensenada, Rosarito-San Miguel section, towards Ensenada. Pay attention to the road indication ”, they wrote through the National Guard’s social networks on highways.

According to Tijuana newspaper, witnesses assured that the truck was blowing smoke from the tires, so I theorized ita would indicate that it ran out of brakes, and when trying to get closer to the shoulder, they overturned.

The bus fell on the side of the pilot and it hit a stone fall very close to the accident area.

In addition, the media reported that witnesses who approached help in the area said that the injured they have already been transferred to various hospitals closest to the accident.

National Guard on Roads (Photo: Twitter / @ GN_MEXICO_)

Recently, a car accident rocked the streets of San Mateo Atenco, in the State of Mexico, when a man decided to break the road laws and everything ended with several deaths.

In the early morning of Tuesday, April 27, in Solidarity Las Torres, intersection with Avenida Reforma, in the neighborhood of San Isidro, a motorist collided with another when the red light of the traffic light ran, in accordance with Millennium.

The first reports of the authority indicated that it was a heavy impact between a Chevrolet pickup, and a Topazreported journalist Abadiel Martínez.

Within the latter, he detailed, three people were seriously injuredaccording to witnesses to the incident, who immediately called the emergency numbers.

The driver of the truck was detained by police officers, who immediately transferred him for presentation to a Public Ministry of the entity.

The detainee would have been identified as Francisco Robles Badillo, the former municipal president of San Martín de las Pirámides, in accordance with Political Chain.

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