Young Housing Bonus: in which cities is the rental price more expensive and cheaper?

Spain Young Housing Bonus: in which cities is the rental price more expensive and cheaper?

The President of the Government in Spain, Pedro Sánchez, announced last week the creation of a rental voucher intended to assist in the rental of housing for young people. As he explained, the agreement includes aid of 250 euros for young people between the ages of 18 and 35 who have an annual income of less than 23,725 euros.

Although it has not yet been announced when these rental subsidies will begin to be received, it has been known that these bonds will last a maximum of two years, according to Pedro Sánchez himself last week. The objective, as explained by the Chief Executive, is that bring the age of emancipation that we have in Spain closer to the European average, which is currently 26 years old.

These rental vouchers of 250 euros will be the same regardless of the place of residence and the rented house. With the information managed to date, the amount of the aid will be the same no matter where the recipient lives. However, the rental price is not uniform throughout the Spanish territory.

According to the Idealista real estate portal, the average price per square meter in Spain is 10.5 euros, according to the last update of the month of September of this year. However, there are considerable differences between autonomous communities and the price per square meter is very different depending on the territory in which we are.

Madrid and Catalonia, the most expensive territories

As more expensive communities to live for rent we find Madrid and Catalonia, with a price of 13.9 euros per square meter and 13.5 euros per square meter, respectively. It closes the top-3 Balearic Islands, whose average price is 11.8 euros per square meter. The Canary Islands (€ 10.0 / square meter) and the Basque Country (€ 12.2 / square meter) are also above 10 euros.

Extremadura and Castilla-La Mancha, the cheapest

Below, among the cheapest communities to live in are Extremadura and Castilla-La Mancha, both below 6 euros per square meter, with € 5.6 / square meter and € 5.9 / square meter, respectively. La Rioja and Murcia, with 6.9 euros per square meter, are the next in the ranking.

What is the most expensive neighborhood in Spain?

The Idealista report can also be consulted by provinces and municipalities, seeing the great variation in the rental price that exists throughout the country. If we stick to the cities, the city of Barcelona is the most expensive city to rent in Spain, with 14.8 euros per square meter. It is followed by the capital, Madrid, with only 10 cents less (14.7 euros / square meter). By neighborhoods, the Salamanca district, in the city of Madrid, is the most expensive specific neighborhood in Spain, with a price of 17.4 euros per square meter.

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