Squid Game

Squid Game: on Netflix is without debate the most popular series of the moment

The bombshell of the new school year, the Korean series Squid Game continues to break audience figures and has established itself as the pop-culture phenomenon of the end of the year 2021. As evidenced by the new record put in its bag.

Squid Game is without debate the most popular series of the moment. The Korean series, directed by Hwang Donk-Hyuk, mixes drama; battle royale and children’s games in a formula which on paper seems to have seduced a good part of the planet. Proof of this success, the figures shared by Netflix today on Twitter:

Squid Game has officially reached 111 million fans – it’s our biggest series launch!

By fans, Netflix obviously means viewers. Which would mean that 111 million people have watched Squid Game? Not exactly. Netflix counts every account that has watched the series for more than two minutes in the first 28 days after launch as a telespactor. Compared to the September figures, it was Chronicles of Bridgerton which was the biggest successful series with 82 million views.

A success that does not necessarily call for a season 2 for Squid Game: in an interview with Variety, Hwang Donk-Hyuk explains that it took six months to write the first two episodes. The prospect of a season 2 tires him but if it should take place, he is considering recruiting other writers. Anyway, for the moment he has his mind elsewhere since he is currently working on KO Club.

Vineet Gupta
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