Who is Jabnely Maldonado, the new director of Reconstruction CDMX

Who is Jabnely Maldonado, the new director of Reconstruction CDMX

Jabnely Maldonado Meza was named as the new commissioner for Reconstruction from Mexico City, due to the departure of Cesar Cravioto of the ownership of the Commission, who will be a substitute for Marti Batres in the Senate, following his appointment as new secretary of the capital government.

The Head of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, reported that Maldonado Meza served as Responsible for Attention to Victims within the body of which she will now be the owner, since she has all the knowledge of families that have yet to receive their homes after the earthquake of the past September 19, 2017.

“We take the opportunity to fire our colleague César, he is leaving as a senator of the republic and I take the opportunity to publicly name the teacher Jabnely Maldonado Meza, she has all the knowledge, practically family by family, of the dwellings that is still required, in such a way so that there is continuity of the entire project,” said the capital’s president.

This appointment was made during the delivery of reconstructed houses in Tláhuac.

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For his part, Cravioto took the opportunity to take stock of the work carried out during his tenure and highlighted that of the 25,581 homes affected after the 2017 earthquake, they have been delivered 8,713 homes, 8,340 are under construction and 8,528 are about to start the rehabilitation works.

“Thank you, Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum, for the confidence in inviting me to work on this sensitive and historical issue for the City in a task as noble as the issue of reconstruction, thank you very much Head of Government, for trusting me!”, he wrote on Twitter, as his last post as commissioner for Reconstruction from the Mexican capital.

And it is worth remembering that Sheinbaum Pardo did some changes in the cabinet. Among them, it stands out that Martí Batres will be the new Secretary of the Government of Mexico City, replacing José Alfonso Suárez del Real, who will act as head of the office of the Head of Government. These movements will be reflected from today July 15.

Likewise, Carlos Augusto Morales, who previously worked as an advisor in the Headquarters of the Government, but as of this day he will occupy the position in the Private secretary.

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Similarly, Luis Ruiz Hernandez who worked as general director of Transportation Engineering in the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC), but from today he will perform as Undersecretary of Transportation in the Ministry of Mobility of the capital.

Finally, Sebastian Ramirez will join as coordinator of Social Communication of the Government of Mexico City. For a period he was in charge of the renovation of Capital 21, a television station owned by the local government, operated by the Capital Radio and Television System.

After this last appointment, users on social networks criticized the appointment, due to a video in which Ramírez addresses the Mexican media as a “filthy press.”

In the capsule, the next official appears accompanied by the Morena militant, Antonio Attolini, and indicates that in one of the presidential debates of 2018 López Obrador was the winner, a matter that did not recognize the “Press fifí” and they preferred to talk about the failures of the event.

The truth, the filthy press, what a shabby press we have in this country, except for the Tanqueta, everything else is rubbish, I say it like that, clearly. My hypothesis is that, Obviously Lopez Obrador won it, but the funny thing is that the filthy press or the fifi press knew that López Obrador had won the debate and they could not say so because the whole bet with Anaya was the debates.”

In reality, Ricardo Anaya did badly, but they couldn’t say that, what they started to say is: the very bad format, the moderators, there are no proposals”, indicates the video shared by the user @LauraBruges.

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