36 hours after the elections in Mexico, the murder of René Tóvar, candidate of the Citizen Movement for the municipal presidency of Cazones de Herrera, Veracruz, during the last hours of this Friday.

According to the first reports, the politician was arriving at his home around 10:00 p.m., when a group of armed civilians tried to “lift him up”, but when he resisted he was shot at least eight times.

The attackers escaped from the scene, while the campaign team lifted Tóvar’s body into the back of his truck to transfer him to a hospital in Poza Rica, but when he arrived at the place he no longer had vital signs.

Clemente Castañeda, president of MC, confirmed the information and showed his dissatisfaction with the cowardly homicide and demanded that the Mexican government guarantee the life and safety of the entire population, including the candidates, ahead of the elections on June 6.

“In @MovCiudadanoMX we strongly condemn the cowardly murder of René Tovar, candidate for mayor of Cazones de Herrera, Veracruz. Once again we demand that @GobiernoMX @SEGOB_mx do their part: guarantee the life and safety of Mexicans facing the election”, he wrote from his Twitter account.

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