This is the first video of 'Luisito Comunica' about his visit to Colombia:

This is the first video of ‘Luisito Comunica’ about his visit to Colombia: “the country is a little off”

After a week of walking through the Colombian streets, enjoying the Creole gastronomy and getting to know rolos, caleños and paisas, the famous youtuber Luisito Comunica said goodbye to coffee lands and returned to his native Mexico.

However, as a farewell ‘gift’, he left his millions of fans in Colombia what they longed for so much since his acclaimed arrival in the country: the first video on his successful YouTube channel where he relates, from his perspective, the social crisis facing the nation in the framework of the national strike.

And it is that the desire of millions of compatriots that the also influencer would capture the situation in Colombia is no wonder, on YouTube, Luis Arturo Villar Sudek -real name of the Mexican- has more than 36 million followers around the world.

And just a few hours after the video was uploaded to its main channel on the social network, it already has more than 1,700,000 visits.

Photo: Instagram by Luisito Comunica

Of course, the first thing that the youtuber made clear is that it is not the first nor the last video which he will upload to his channel about his one week stay in Colombia. In fact, before entering the airport in the capital of Antioquia, he revealed that there will even be up to 9 more videos about his visit to Bogotá, Cali and Medellín.

Well, in this first clip, lasting almost 21 minutes, Luisito Comunica began his journey in the capital of Valle del Cauca, where thousands of Caleños received him with great fanfare.

Luisito Communicates in Medellín

Villar highlighted Colombia for its characteristics flora, fauna and quality of people. However, he highlighted the crisis in the face of social demonstrations that last more than a month.

“At the moment we can say that the country is a bit off. Really, for not finding a more appropriate term”, Luisito expressed, while showing videos in which several images of police abuses in different parts of Colombia can be seen since last April 28, the start date of the strike.

'Luisito Comunica', influencer and Mexican 'youtuber', arrived in Colombia and El Dorado received him with a SIM card worth 150 thousand pesos. Photo: Instagram

‘Luisito Comunica’, influencer and Mexican ‘youtuber’, arrived in Colombia and El Dorado received him with a SIM card worth 150 thousand pesos.

In other sections of his video, where he explained to his subscribers the reasons why there are mobilizations in Colombia, Luisito assured that “there are figures that indicate that since the national strike began, there have been more than 50 murders of civilians at the hands of the Police.”

He says that the information he captures in his clip was based on the hundreds of interviews he obtained after his dialogue with several Colombians who came out to protest.

“A drastic moment to visit this country, but a very beautiful moment in which you can see the population in unison raising their voices for a cause. It highlights the brotherhood that characterizes Colombians”, added the youtuber.

Luisito joined the demonstrations on May 28 in Cali, when a month of strike was commemorated, and acknowledged that the situation “was tense.”

Several Valle del Cauca citizens, including those on the front line, expressed their feelings and moving points of view, and in an interview with the influence they manifested messages such as:

“The indolent governments have not complied; support for youth has been lost; all our lives we have lived without opportunities; We demonstrate against the Duque government, which is not led by him, but by Uribe”, some citizens expressed.

In one of his dialogues with those of the ‘first line’ of Cali, one of the best-known harangues during the strike was documented: “Whoever does not jump is tombo (police).” To which Luisito joined by jumping and singing. Moments later members of that social group expressed:

“Those of us on the front line do not stop until they tell us where the dead and missing are. “Where are our dead!”; Esmad comes and shoots us at point blank range, we are here to defend, ”they said.

Later, Luisito registered his passage through Paisa territory, arrived in Antioquia and visited its capital, Medellín and other municipalities such as La Ceja.

There is no doubt that, as the Mexican himself said, he has had a pleasant experience on his tour of Colombia and he hopes that, through his audiovisual content, he will give voice to the tense situation of public order in the country.

“Something shocking, but moving, seeing so many people wanting to make their country a better place is something that, without a doubt, has moved me and only highlights the beautiful and warmth of the people of this territory”, Luisito Comunica concluded.

Check out the video below:

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