'Shark Tank Mexico' returns with a message of empowerment

‘Shark Tank Mexico’ returns with a message of empowerment

Shark Tank México is back and the presence of the women is more than evident. Three new sharks arrive at the famous tank to support new projects from all sectors, but mainly those that have an innovative sense in the midst of the pandemic that stopped or promoted various businesses around the world.

Deborah Dana Beyda, Alejandra Ríos and Marisa Lazo arrive with Braulio Arsagua for the first time at the successful set to promote new entrepreneurship, among which stand out many devised by Mexican women.

In this sixth season they will be sheltered by the businessmen Arturo Elías Ayub and Rodrigo Herrera Aspra, who were there since the first installment, as well as by Marcus Dantus and the Colombian Mauricio Hoyos.

In an interview, Alejandra Ríos, Marisa Lazo and Marcus Dantus told how it was to participate in the new installment of Shark Tank Mexico with a lot of feminine power.

“It seems fundamental to me that a program as important as this one of Shark Tank México show successful women entrepreneurs who are putting, who are investing, who are putting their time, their experience and are going to be surprised by the bunch of super-cracked female entrepreneurs who touched us, several very very good and then, although we have made progress on this issue of gender equity, we still have a long way to go and that they do this and that they invite us, three new sharks and only one new shark, is a way of really betting on what our country needs”, commented businesswoman Marisa Lazo.

The three new sharks have very different profiles, but they have in mind to promote projects that allow to open spaces in the female sector. Lazo is behind one of the most consolidated Mexican patisseries in Mexico, “Marisa”, and Alejandra Ríos’s case is not very different, she has been the manager of Alsea and is the CEO of “Ambrosía”, dedicated to the gastronomic sector.

“I love that this program has sharks that we broke paradigms and has many entrepreneurs who are not caring and who are jumping those blame, and really wanting to do their bit, wanting to make a difference in the country,” added Lazo, who has a message have this new edition: “We women apologize too much, we no longer have to apologize for anything.”

Regarding the participation of the new sharks, Arturo Elías Ayub himself said he was pleased to venture alongside Deborah Dana Beyda, Alejandra Ríos Spinola and Marisa Lazo: “They are extremely talented women, with very different characteristics, I learned a lot from them, perhaps it was in the programs that I felt the best.”

Marisa Lazo
Marisa Lazo


The businesswomen also noted certain basics to continue within the industry and boost businesses despite the pandemic.

“Something that is very important to me and that is going to be very important for entrepreneurs is to start using technology as a tool to boost business, then, many companies that did retail or direct sales have to start moving towards marketplaces, use the internet to reach other places, try to ensure that your business does not stay more local, if not, be national,” said Alejandra Ríos.

“With the confidence of consumers in e-commerce we can take advantage of it to drive startups to continue growing and continue to grow exponentially, so I believe that the use of the internet and technology is key for many companies to move to the next level,” she added.

For Ríos, the organization and a work team that assumes operational responsibilities different from their work area is essential, which allows them to focus their time and ideas on other aspects of the same company so as not to neglect their personal life.

Alejandra Ríos
Alejandra Ríos

Marisa Lazo agrees in this regard: “Be very clear about your limits since you have to say no so as not to invade your priorities, have them super clear and defend them and fight them tooth and nail, it has worked a lot for me, and I think it is one of the greatest challenges that business people, entrepreneurs or anyone who is in the business world have, this balance and you cannot have satisfaction and happiness, a fully happy life and satisfactory but you live it in balance and if you only dedicate yourself to one area”.

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