Price of the dollar in Mexico

Price of the dollar in Mexico today Wednesday, October 13, 2021, exchange rate

Wednesday October 13, 2021 , the dollar reached a figure of 20.7510 Mexican pesos per unit to purchase, according to official figures from the Bank of Mexico. On the part of the sale, it reached a figure of 20,7,580 pesos, following the trend of recent weeks, in which it has remained around 20 pesos per unit.

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Price of the dollar in the last 5 days

The price of the dollar has changed in recent days and exceeds $ 20.5 pesos.

  • Tuesday, October 12: 20.7767 pesos
  • Monday, October 11: 20,8017 pesos
  • Sunday, October 10: 20.7293 pesos
  • Saturday, October 9: 20.5872 pesos
  • Friday, October 8: 20.2935 pesos

Dollar in Venezuela: What is its price today

Regarding the dollar vs bolivar price, the last price, according to the Dolar Today website is 4.23 bolivars per dollar, after the reduction of six zeros of the Venezuelan currency came into force on October 1.

Why does the dollar go up and down?

A question that citizens frequently ask themselves, because here we explain what the variation in the price of the dollar is due to day by day.

The answer to this question is that when there is a good flow of the dollar in the market , its price is reduced. However, when there is a shortage in the circulation of this, the value rises. Because of this, there is the variation in price.

Another aspect that carries out this problem is when investors from somewhere decide to take their money elsewhere, that is, move to another country. Because of this, liquidity drops and the price shoots up.

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