Norma Jiménez was a working mother, she was around 41 years old when she disappeared in 2011. This Thursday Andrés Filemón “N” confessed, in his first hearing in the Barrientos prison courts, in Tlalnepantla, that she had been one of his victims, was the one he first remembered and named.

On August 6, 2011 Norma covered her shift from 2 pm to 10 pm as a waitress in a lunch box Bar called Barrigón, located on Calle Zahuatlán in San Javier, at 10:15 p.m. he contacted his family telling them he was heading home but never arrived.

The search form described his particular signs: “large hips and prominent buttocks, in addition to having a spot on the skin on the right cheekbone, a scar vertically on the abdomen from cesarean section “.

Although his lawyers suggested that he reserve his right to testify, he expressed: “what is done is done, I just want to tell the truth, there is the husband (of Reyna), he saw everything.”

He only cried when they told him that he would not be released from prison for the crimes mentioned, but he did not when he recounted how he killed and cut up his victims one by one.

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He explained that he chose them as beautiful but killed them when they rejected him, that is why he wanted to keep their faces, he tore them off with great care next to their scalp, after stabbing them in the heart.

The second woman who remembered killing was Berenice Sánchez Olvera, she was around 20 years old and worked in the bar called “El Marinero”.

He also wooed two more women and once again they rejected him to have a romantic relationship: Alyn and Gardenia, he met them at the Bar “El Barrigón”, women of whom there is no identification card.

Like these women, In 2016 he met Flor Ninive in another bar, who also worked as a waitress, invited her to lunch and gave her gifts, however she also refused to be his partner sentimental for what murdered her in October of that year.

She was a mother and after finishing her work shift she called them and told them that she was going home, but she no longer arrived Photo: (Search form)

She was a mother and after finishing her work shift she called them and told them that she was going home, but she no longer arrived.

Rubicela, was a food application delivery person by phone, he saw her go to a restaurant for an order and there he kidnapped her, he liked it so much that he also wanted it just for himself, he ended his life in 2019.

Bruno, husband of Reyna González, the victim by whom he was discovered, gave his statement where he narrated that he said goodbye to his wife at five in the morning and then went to work, she told him that that day she would go to buy spare parts for cell phones since that is what she dedicated herself to, so she stayed to see Andrés, but she never returned, the next day he forcibly entered the home of the 72-year-old subject, finding the gruesome scene of his wife severed on a dining room table.

Reyna González’s husband, mother of two young daughters aged four and eight, asked to stop mentioning that she had a relationship with this man, explained that he was a friend of the family, that they felt sorry for him and tried to support him financially for being of advanced age, for which they had full confidence in him.

Andrés Filomeno "N"

Andrés Filomeno “N”

My daughters can’t watch TV because they say she was in an extra-marital relationship, which is not true. I don’t know if he invented it,” said the man for whom Andrés“ N ”managed to be arrested.

All of Mexico was horrified because it was not the only body, the police found skulls and several bones, but the most chilling were skinned faces with full hair, they were well preserved.

The expertise of this 72-year-old man in cutting the skin is now explained by the testimonies of the neighbors who reported that he worked for several years in a meat preparation for human consumption in Tlalnepantla. The cuts to separate the skin from the muscle were very precise, and they were preserved with salt to remove moisture and preserve them in good condition.

At this address on Calle Margaritas, in the Lomas de San Miguel neighborhood, during field work They also found makeup, clothing, women’s shoes, notebooks with 29 names, cutting tools such as knives, machetes and a hacksaw, as well as 20 recordings, allegedly from the murders he committed.

Reyna, Flor Ninive and Rubicela, were the first names of her victims, however yesterday she confessed that she also killed Norma, Berenice, Alyn and Gardenia Photo: (Search sheets)

Reyna, Flor Ninive and Rubicela, were the first names of her victims, however yesterday she confessed that she also killed Norma, Berenice, Alyn and Gardenia.

During 20 years, Andrés “M” could have murdered and quartered several women , according to the registry of his notebook.

The man pretended be a normal neighbor. Andrés “M” worked as President of the Council for Citizen Participation in the Municipal Government of Atizapán de Zaragoza.

It was currently part of the Pedro Rodríguez Villegas’ campaign team, candidate to president municipal of Atizapán de Zaragoza by the coalition He goes through Mexico, however after his murders became known, the candidate denied any relationship with him and assured that he was one more citizen who came to support them .

The electoral partial alliance is formed for the 2021 elections by the national leaders of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), the National Action Party (PAN), and the Democratic Revolution (FART).

Dilcya Garcia, prosecutor of Gender Crimes in the State of Mexico, explained in a video released by the journalist Antonio Nieto that they found remains that correspond to several women and other elements that indicate that the subject would be a serial femicide.

“In the search that is carried out in the house of the accused person, we have unfortunately found different human evidence: skeletal remains, women’s clothing, voter credentials Y other elements that make us suppose that could be a serial femicide”, he asserted.

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